ARP 28 - 2017 NFL Schedule Win-Loss Predictions For Every AFC Team

2017 NFL Schedule Win-Loss Predictions For Every AFC Team

Written by on April 28, 2017

After the recently concluded NFL Draft and until the start of the 2017 regular season, then you’re going to love the expert gridiron predictions that you’re about to get on every AFC team’s likely win-loss total for the coming season. Now, let’ get started with the latest NFL betting predictions.

2017 NFL Schedule Win-Loss Predictions For Every AFC Team

AFC East

New England

Home: Bills, Jets, Dolphins, Houston Texans, Chiefs, Chargers, Falcons, Carolina Panthers
Away: Buffalo Bills, New York Jets, Miami Dolphins, Pittsburgh Steelers, Raiders, Broncos, Tampa Bay Buccaneers, New Orleans Saints

  The New England Patriots have to lose one road game in 2017 after posting a perfect mark away from home a year ago don’t they? I’ve got New England suffering road losses against the Dolphins, Raiders and Broncos while falling at home to the Chiefs to finish at 12-4.


Home: Bills, Jets, New England Patriots, Raiders, Broncos, Tennessee Titans, Buccaneers, Saints (in London)
Away: Bills, Jets, Patriots, Chargers, Chiefs, Baltimore Ravens, Panthers, Falcons

Things are looking up in South Beach after the Dolphin went 10-6 and made the playoffs last season. The Dolphins will suffer home losses against the Raiders, Broncos and Saints while dropping road games against the Patriots, Chiefs, Ravens, and Falcons to finish at 9-7 or 10-6 in a best case scenario. I still don’t trust Ryan Tannehill and you shouldn’t either.

NY Jets

Home: Bills, Dolphins, Patriots, Chiefs, Chargers, Jacksonville Jaguars, Falcons, Panthers
Away: Bills, Dolphins, Patriots, Broncos, Raiders, Cleveland Browns, Saints, Buccaneers

The rebuilding Jets (5-11) are going down at home against the Patriots, Chiefs, Falcons and Panthers while losing road games against the Bills, Dolphins, Patriots, Broncos, Raiders, Saints and Buccaneers to finish at 5-11 for the second consecutive season – and Todd Bowles’ last in New York.

Buffalo Bills

Home: Dolphins, Patriots, Jets, Broncos, Raiders, Saints, Buccaneers, Indianapolis Colts
Away: Dolphins, Patriots, Jets, Chiefs, Chargers, Cincinnati Bengals, Falcons, Panthers

The Bills went a respectable 7-9 last season and could be even better now that the foolish Rex Ryan is gone. Still, I’ve got the Bills losing home games to the Patriots, Broncos, Raiders and Indianapolis Colts while losing road date against the Dolphins, Patriots, Jets, Chiefs, Bengals, Falcons and Panthers to finish at 5-1 or I think, a more likely, 6-10.

AFC North


Home: Bengals, Browns, Steelers, Texans, Colts, Dolphins, Chicago Bears, Detroit Lions
Away: Bengals, Browns, Steelers, Jaguars (in London), Titans, Raiders, Packers, Minnesota Vikings

The Ravens (8-8) will look to take a step forward in 2017 after narrowly missing out on reaching the playoffs a year ago. Baltimore records wins at home against the Bengals, Browns, Texans, Colts, Chicago Bears and Detroit Lions and road win against the Browns, Steelers, Jaguars (in London) and Minnesota Vikings to finish at 10-6 or, more likely, 9-7.


Home: Ravens, Browns, Steelers, Bills, Colts, Texans, Bears, Lions
Away: Ravens, Browns, Steelers, Broncos Titans, Jaguars, Packers, Vikings

The Bengals fell all the way to 6-9 after making the playoffs in each of the previous five seasons, so they’re a bit difficult to predict heading into 2017. Still, I’ve got Cincy winning home games against Ravens, Browns, Bills, Colts, Bears and Lions and road games against the Browns, Steelers and Jaguars to finish at 9-7.


Home: Bengals, Browns, Ravens, Patriots, Jaguars, Titans, Packers, Vikings
Away: Bengals, Browns, Ravens, Texans, Colts, Chiefs, Bears, Lions

The Steelers (11-5) will be looking to take a step forward after falling short of their Super Bowl hopes a year ago. I’ve got Ben Roethlisberger and company winning home games against the Browns, Ravens, Jaguars, Titans and Vikings and road games against the Bengals, Browns, Ravens, Texans, Colts, Bears and Lions to either finish with at 12-4 or an identical 11-5 mark they recorded a year ago.


Home: Bengals, Ravens, Steelers, Jets, Jaguars, Titans, Packers, Vikings (in London)
Away: Bengals, Ravens, Steelers, Chargers, Texans, Colts, Bears, Lions

Despite foolishly moving up one spot to take Mitchell Trubisky, the Browns had a decent draft and that alone should help them take a slight step forward in 2017. I like Cleveland to beat the Jets and Jaguars at home and the Chicago Bears on the road. Hell, I don’t think Cleveland will lose all six AFC North division matchup either, so, I’m thinking 4-12 sounds about right.

AFC South


Home: Colts, Jaguars, Titans, Browns, Chiefs, Steelers, 49ers, Arizona Cardinals
Away: Colts, Jaguars, Titans, Ravens, Bengals, Patriots, Seahawks, Los Angeles Rams

The Texans went 9-7 lat season and that was mostly without a competent quarterback under center. With veteran Tom Savage under center in 2017, I like the Texans to beat the Colts, Jaguars, Titans, Browns, Chiefs and 49ers at home while bagging road wins against the Jaguars, Ravens and Los Angeles Rams to finish at 9-7 again this coming season.


Home: Jaguars, Titans, Texans, Browns, Steelers, Broncos, 49ers, Cardinals
Away: Jaguars, Titans, Texans, Ravens, Bengals, Bills, Seahawks, Rams

Andrew Luck and the Indianapolis Colts went 8-8 last season but will look to get back to being a double-digit winner in 2017. I like the Colts to get home wins against the Jaguars, Titans, Texans, Browns and 49ers while recording road wins against the Jaguars, Bills and Rams to finish at with an identical 8-8 record they recorded a year ago.


Home: Jaguars, Colts, Texans, Ravens, Bengals, Rams, Seahawks, Raiders
Away: Jaguars, Colts, Texans, Browns, Steelers, Dolphins, Cardinals, 49ers

Analysis:> Marcus Mariota and the Tennessee Titans took a big step forward in going 9-7 last season and I believe they could be even better in 2017.

I like the Titans to get home wins against the Jaguars, Colts, Texans, Ravens, Bengals, and Rams and road win against the Jaguars, Browns, Dolphins and 49ers to finish the 2017 season at 10-6.


Home: Colts, Texans, Titans, Ravens (in London), Bengals, Chargers, Rams, Seahawks
Away: Colts, Texans, Titans, Browns, Steelers, Jets, Cardinals, 49ers

The Jaguars won a paltry three games lat season, so clearly, there’s plenty of room for improvement. Unfortunately, I’ve got the Jags winning just two games in 2017 by beating the Chargers and Rams at home.

AFC West

Kansas City

Home: Broncos, Raiders, Chargers, Bills, Dolphins, Steelers, Eagles, Redskins
Away: Broncos, Raiders, Chargers, Patriots, Jets, Texans, Giants, Cowboys

The Chiefs went 12-4 lat season before getting upended in the playoff and they’ll enter 2017 with some legitimate Super Bowl hopes despite having one of the four toughest schedules in the league. Still, I’ve got the Chiefs beating the Broncos, Raiders, Chargers, Bills, Dolphins and Redskins at home and the Patriots, Jets, Texans and Cowboys on the road to finish with at least 10 wins and possibly 11 in 2017.


Home: Chiefs, Broncos, Chargers, Patriots, Jets, Ravens, Giants, Cowboys
Away: Chiefs, Broncos, Chargers, Bills, Dolphins, Titans, Eagles, Redskins

The Raiders have one of the toughest schedules in the league after winning 12 games a year ago, but I like Derek Carr and company to get home wins against the Chiefs, Broncos, Chargers, Patriots, Jets, Ravens and Cowboys while taking out the

Bills, Titans, Eagles and Redskins on the road to finish the 2017 campaign with 11 wins or 12 at best.


Home: Chiefs, Raiders, Chargers, Patriots, Jets, Bengals, Cowboys, New York Giants
Away: Chiefs, Raiders, Chargers, Bills, Dolphins, Colts, Philadelphia Eagles, Washington Redskins

The Broncos took a step backwards lat season after winning Super Bowl 51 the season before, but Denver has plenty of hope to get back to being a double-digit winner.

I like the Broncos to record home wins against the Chiefs, Raiders, Chargers, Jets, Bengals and New York Giants while bagging road wins against the Bills, Dolphins and Philadelphia Eagles to finish 2017 with nine wins or 10 at best.

San Diego

Home: Chiefs, Raiders, Broncos, Bills, Dolphins, Browns, Eagles, Redskins
Away: Chiefs, Raiders, Broncos, Patriots, Jets, Jaguars, Giants, Cowboys

The Chargers will open their first season in L.A. looking to get back to being a respectable team after winning just five games last season and I believe they could take a big step forward. I’ve got the Bolts beating the Chiefs, Raiders, Broncos, Bills, Browns and Eagles at home and the Jets and Jaguars on the road to finish the 2017 season with an 8-8 record.