A Look at the 2018 NFL Odds for Passing Yards, Rushing Yards and Receiving Yards

Look at the 2018 Pass Yards, Rushing Yards and Receiving Yards

Written by on July 23, 2018

With the start of NFL Training Camps, various wagers are available in the MyBookie sportsbook. A few of those wagers are on which NFL player throws for the most passing yards, which player rushes for the most yards, and which player receives the most yards. Check out the NFL props for Top Pick, Worst Pick, and Top Underdog Pick for most passing yards, most rushing yards, and most receiving yards this season.

A Look at the 2018 NFL Odds for Passing Yards, Rushing Yards and Receiving Yards

2018 NFL Odds – Passing Yards

Top Pick: Ben Roethlisberger +850

One of the reasons coach Mike Tomlin fired Todd Haley as Pitt’s offensive coordinator is because Big Ben Roethlisberger wanted the Steelers to play more no huddle than they did. More no huddle means that Ben throws the football more. He’s got a fantastic shot of throwing for the most yards this season because WR Antonio Brown has some help in WR JuJu Smith-Schuster. The odds make Roethlisberger the fourth choice after Tom Brady, Drew Brees, and Aaron Rodgers. That means he offers value.

Worst Pick: Drew Brees +400, Aaron Rodgers +825

Neither Brees nor Rodgers should lead the NFL in passing yards this season.  The Saints employ a run first philosophy. Brees will throw the football if he must. He won’t if he mustn’t. The Saints prefer to put up points via their rushing attack. Green Bay coach Mike McCarthy has stated that the Packers will look to duplicate the Saints’ rushing attack. That means Rodgers won’t throw for nearly as many yards as he has in past seasons.

Top Underdog Pick: DeShaun Watson +3300

Before getting hurt, DeShaun was an easy 300 to 400 passing yards per game dynamo. Watson should produce around the same number of yards per game again. The reason? Houston’s rushing attack isn’t all that great while DeShaun’s got a real target in WR DeAndre Hopkins.

2018 NFL Odds – Rushing Yards

Top Pick:  Ezekiel Elliott +225

Is Ezekiel Elliot a safe bet in the NFL odds in 2018? Elliott missed 6 games last season. If he doesn’t miss a single game this season, there’s a great chance he averages over 100 yards per game. The big reason is because, traditionally, the Cowboys have always had success when they can lean on an excellent rusher. Tony Dorsett was before Emmett Smith. Now, it’s Elliott’s turn to be that runner.

Worst Pick: Le’Veon Bell +325

More no huddle means less carries for rusher Le’Veon Bell. Not only that, but the Steelers must be tired of Bell complaining about his contract every offseason. Bell will again play on the franchise tag. He’ll demand the ball. The Steelers may, or may not, give him the ball. At +325 odds, it makes no sense to plop down dollars to find out.

Top Underdog Pick: Royce Freeman +6500

The Denver Broncos have been desperate for a rushing attack the past few seasons. Everything could come together this season because the offensive line is suddenly strong. Not only that, Oregon RB Royce Freeman stayed under the radar in his senior season in college. Freeman was touted as a Heisman Trophy candidate his freshman season. Yes, he’s that talented. Devin Booker is listed as the starter before training camp. Coming out of training camp, the electrifying Freeman will, no doubt, grab the RB1 slot.

2018 NFL Odds – Receiving Yards

Top Pick: DeAndre Hopkins +850

Houston is paying Hopkins for what he is, one of the top wide receivers in the NFL. Hopkins should have no trouble, zero, catching over 100 footballs if QB DeShaun Watson is healthy. Not only that, but Hopkins figures to see plenty of one-on-one coverages because Houston plays 3 wide receiver sets. Watson to Hopkins could be this year’s top QB to WR combination. That means Hopkins has a big shot of receiving more yards than any other WR in the NFL.

Worst Pick: Antonio Brown +175

The emergence of JuJu Smith-Schuster as a viable WR2 means that Antonio Brown’s days of leading the NFL in receiving yards could be numbered. Don’t get me wrong, he’s still an awesome WR1. But, JuJu only figures to get better. If the odds were higher, say around +300, Brown might be a decent choice. At +175, I must pass on backing Antonio Brown to garner the most receiving yards.

Top Underdog Pick: T.Y. Hilton +1650

QB Andrew Luck is finally healthy, the offensive line is better, and RB Marlon Mack could have a breakout season. It only takes a couple of tweaks for an offense in the NFL to go from sludge to the German Audubon. That could be the Colts. If it happens, don’t be surprised if T.Y., Luck’s favorite target, suddenly explodes with massive receiving yards this season.