2019 NFL Betting Projections for NFC Conference Winners

2019 NFL Betting Projections for NFC Conference Winners

Written by on December 13, 2019

Are the San Francisco 49ers worth a wager to win the NFC Conference? Are they a better play than the New Orleans Saints? With a few weeks left in the regular season, it’s time to analyze NFC Conference odds!

2019 NFL Betting Projections for NFC Conference Winners

  • San Francisco 49ers +175
  • New Orleans Saints +240
  • Seattle Seahawks +500
  • Green Bay Packers +600
  • Minnesota Vikings +1200
  • Dallas Cowboys +1600
  • Philadelphia Eagles +2000
  • L.A. Rams +2500
  • Chicago Bears +10000

Which team deserves more attention to win the NFC? The New Orleans Saints or San Francisco 49ers?

The 49ers beat the Saints 48-46 in Week 14. It was one of the top games in the history of the NFL. Well, it will be if one of two National Football Conference powers wins the Super Bowl.

San Francisco’s odds dropped big time because they’ve got a huge shot to grab home-field. But, SF’s path to home-field is wrought with uncertainty. In Week 15, they battle the Atlanta Falcons. The ATL beat Carolina 40-20 in Week 14. They’re not an easy out. Week 16 sees a battle between the 49ers and L.A. Rams. The Rams’ defense has been on fire the past couple of weeks. San Francisco finishes its season on the road against the Seattle Seahawks.

Seattle is at 10-3. The 49ers are at 11-2. If Seattle beats the Panthers and Cardinals in their next 2 games, the Week 17 battle will be for the NFC West. A Seahawks win sends the 49ers from the first seed to the fifth seed.

Sounds crazy, but even after the loss to the 49ers, the Saints have an easier path to the first seed. New Orleans battles the Colts at home, and then travel to Tennessee and Carolina. All 3 are winnable games. They could stub their toe against the Titans. If they don’t, the Saints will finish at 13-3.

New Orleans wins the tie-breaker against Seattle. Take the team offering better odds with a decent scenario to grab home-field.

Are the Seahawks or Packers the better bet to win the NFC?

Seattle for sure. Green Bay is a good football team. They might not even win their division, though. A lot can happen in these final 3 weeks. The Packers battle the Bears and the Vikings in the next couple of weeks. They could lose both those games.

Seattle’s schedule is a cakewalk if they play the way they have most of this season. If the Seahawks beat the 49ers in Week 17, they should be no worse than the second seed. Back the Seahawks over the Packers.

Which team is more preferred to win the NFC? The Dallas Cowboys or Minnesota Vikings?

The odds imply Dallas has a chance. They don’t. The Cowboys won’t make the playoffs after they lose to the Rams and Eagles in the next couple of weeks. Minnesota can win the NFC North.

It won’t be easy. The Vikings play the Chargers, Packers, and Bears. They could win all 3. Or, they could lose all 3. But, Minnesota’s path to the playoffs is much easier than Dallas’. Not only that, but we must consider what happens if the Cowboys make the playoffs. They’d be the fourth seed and would have to play either the Seattle Seahawks or San Francisco 49ers.

Which among the 3 underdogs has the best shot of winning the NFC?

The L.A. Rams. The Rams rate as one of the Top 4 teams in the NFC. Don’t let the record fool you. The defense has gelled while the offense has gotten better. Los Angeles can win out, make the playoffs, and upset everyone in the NFC.