NFL 2020 Weekend Games Betting Tips

NFL 2020 Weekend Games Betting Tips

Written by on September 18, 2020

The NFL is back and bettors who predominantly wager on football are getting ready to flex their betting muscles once again. The long offseason in football means that most of us are ready to start dropping bets left, right, and center right from the off, but that is how most people burn through their bankroll with only a few weeks of the season gone. Winning consistently when betting on football is tough, which is why you need to have a strategy in place for the entire season, not just one weekend. Here are some simple tips you can follow that should help you stay on the game, and maybe even profitable, all the way through the regular season. Let’s get started so you can make your bets against their NFL odds.

Keys to profitable betting on the NFL Weekend games

Money Management – Heading into the season, or even just the weekend, know what your starting bankroll is and wager accordingly. Even if you have a game that you love, never bet more than 5% of your bankroll on any single wager. One mistake that people commonly make is to start increasing their wagers in an effort to make back any money that they lost the previous week. That is the fastest way to blow through your bankroll. Bet consistently, no matter whether you are in profit or in a hole.

Don’t Bet Every Game – Part of the problem with wagering is that most people are aware that if you stick to ATS and O/U bets, winning around 55% of the time means that you are in profit. The average bettor is of the belief that hitting that percentage is easy, but they quickly find out that it’s a whole lot trickier than it looks. Only wager on the games where you believe you have a definite edge or where your feel the odds warrant it. You will still have losing weeks, but you will also have a better shot at getting into profit if you follow this tip.

Keep Your Emotions Out of It – Do not get in the habit of making a wager based solely on the fact that it’s your favorite player or team that you are putting money on. I have heard stories of people who choose only to wager on one team and one team only, which means that they are totally ignoring all manner of wagers that could have put them in profit. As mentioned before, never get sucked into feeling that you need to change your strategy just because you had a couple of bad weeks. Sports betting is a streaky business, even for those who do it professionally. Heck, even the bookies have bad weeks.

Wait as Long as Possible Before Wagering – In any given week, you might see the line shift a point or more in a number of different games. That little shift could prove to be the difference between playing a game and skipping it altogether. Similarly, you want to know which players will definitely be playing and those who are out injured. A game time decision could see a key player ruled out and make what looked like a good bet a very bad one, just like that.