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3 Reasons Why Atlanta Falcons Will Win Super Bowl LI

Written by on February 3, 2017

Super Bowl 51 will represent only the second time that the Falcons have made it to the big game, and there are plenty of football fans who feel that their inexperience may be an issue against a Patriots team that has the Super Bowl as their second home. There is a reason this team is there, though, and to write them off before the game even begins could prove to be a big mistake. There are a lot of factors that go into winning a football game, but I believe there are 3 specific reasons why the Falcons may well end up hoisting the Lombardi Trophy on Sunday night. Let’s take a closer look and before you bet on the NFL playoffs, click here to cash in on the latest Super Bowl 51 promos.

3 Reasons Why Atlanta Falcons Will Win Super Bowl LI


The Precision of Matt Ryan

This has been a spectacular rebound season for Ryan, as he really struggled with mistakes last year, especially in the red zone. He has been about as close to perfect as it gets this year, especially in the past few weeks, where he has protected the ball brilliantly. His best performance of the year may well have been in the NFC Championship game versus the Packers, where he threw for 392 yards and 4 TD’s. Other than Ben Roethlisberger, Ryan will be the best QB that the Patriots have faced this season. You can’t take away what the Patriots have managed to do this season, but they have not exactly had to face a lot of good QB’s. It’s going to be interesting to see if they can slow down the guy who is destined to be the league MVP.

The Dome Effect

Yes, the Super Bowl is not usually plagued by inclement weather, but it’ still fair to say that playing in a dome gives the Atlanta Falcons an edge that they would not have had in an outdoor game. I’m sure most of you guys remember how badly the Falcons played in a road game in Philadelphia in November. The weather was not particularly poor that day, but Atlanta struggled badly in all facets of the game in that one. This is an offense that is built on airing the ball out, and when you can do that in perfect conditions, you have a good chance at playing your best football.

Their Underrated Defense Continues to Rise Up

Heading into this season, many of the talking heads in the media wrote this team off because it was believed that their defense would be their Achilles heel. There were definitely some bumps in the road in the early part of the season, but this defensive unit improved as the season progressed. A reason why some folks may still feel that this defense is not up to par is because of the average number of points that the Atlanta Falcons have given up, but it’s worth remembering that they played in the highest scoring division this season. You need to look at what they have done lately, which is to give up an average of just 20 PPG in their last 9 outings.