JAN 31 - 4 Reasons Why New England Patriots Will Win Super Bowl 51

4 Reasons Why New England Patriots Will Win Super Bowl 51

Written by on February 1, 2017

The New England Patriots have yet another chance to win a Super Bowl. The reason the Pats make an appearance in the Super Bowl for the second time in three years is because they are the best run organization in the NFL.  But, of course, it’s more than that! See below for four reasons why the Patriots will win Super Bowl 51. Before you wager on NFL playoffs, click here to cash in on updated Super Bowl 51 promos.

4 Reasons Why New England Patriots Will Win Super Bowl 51


QB Tom Brady

Tom Brady is the best NFL quarterback of all time. It’s difficult to put into words how great Brady really is. He missed four games during the regular season, but still managed to throw 28 TDs to only 2 INTs. Terrific Tom was so great during the season that up until Week 15, most every NFL handicapper on the planet thought that Brady winning the NFL League MVP was a shoo-in.The award is going to go to Atlanta QB Matt Ryan by almost every account. That doesn’t take away from Brady’s greatness. Brady wills the Patriots to victory. With Terrific Tom on their side, New England has an automatic advantage over Atlanta in Super Bowl 51.

A Defense that Allows Less than 16 Points Per Game

The Patriots’ defense allows less than 16 points per game at 15.6 per. Even in the playoffs, the defense held Houston to only 16 points and high-scoring Pittsburgh to only 17 points. New England’s D is the best that Atlanta has faced all season long.Those are all facts that can be backed up with stats. A fact that can’t be backed up with stats about New England’s defense is that defensive coordinator Matt Patricia is the absolute best coordinator in the NFL at making in-game adjustments. Patricia doesn’t wait until halftime to adjust the D. He adjusts the defense on the fly from play to play.

Bill Belichick

It took an incredible coach/general manager/head of player personnel like Bill Belichick to put together a team like the New England Patriots. Unlike most every other coach in the NFL, Pete Carroll in Seattle is the only one like Belichick, the Patriots head coach runs the organization from top to bottom. He has assistants that help him with his GM duties, as an example, but it’s Belichick who calls the shots. That type of successful leadership in the NFL is rare and hard to find.


The New England Patriots won the Super Bowl in 2001, 2003, 2004 and just recently in 2014. You can’t teach that kind of big game experience. Not every player on New England’s team has that kind of Super Bowl experience. Only QB Tom Brady and Bill Belichick do. But, that’s all that New England needs to win Super Bowl 51…Brady and Belichick’s experience.