5 Things Every NFL Betting Fans Should Watch for this 2018 Preseason

5 Things Every NFL Fan Should Watch for this 2018 Preseason

Written by on July 31, 2018

The NFL Preseason is here. Although betting on NFL Preseason doesn’t yield as much success as wagering on NFL regular season games, the NFL Preseason is a great time to study and prepare for the NFL Regular Season. Check out 5 things that NFL betting fans should watch for during the preseason that could help yield great profits during the regular season.

5 Things Every NFL Betting Fans Should Watch for this 2018 Preseason

How effective is Green Bay’s rushing attack?

NFL teams that rush the football well can account for 1 ½ to 3 points on the spread. Green Bay has stated that they wish to mirror the New Orleans Saints rushing attack this season. Watch to see if GB actually has accomplished that. If they have, they could be a better wager ATS than the early regular season lines indicate.

Will New England solidify the left tackle position?

The Patriots must replace starting left tackle Nate Solder after Solder grabbed a deal with the New York Giants. Right now, former Georgia guard Isaiah Wynn is slated as the starter at left tackle. Wynn is a rookie. Not only is he a rookie, he’s a rookie guard. New England’s almost always over bet every week as it is. If Wynn proves to be a solid left tackle during the preseason, or the Pats find someone else to play the position effectively, New England figures to be even more over bet. Being a contrarian with the Patriots has proven to be profitable the past few seasons.

How much has Cleveland improved?

Are the Browns a safe bet for the 2018 NFL season? Based on their off season, the Cleveland Browns project to be the most improved football team in the NFL. Some teams, like the Rams, Vikings, Saints and Patriots, mustn’t show much in the NFL Preseason. Cleveland isn’t like those teams. The Browns must show something in the NFL Preseason before anybody considers backing them against the spread in any game.

Will Pittsburgh show any changes in their offensive philosophy?

Pitt fired offensive coordinator Todd Haley after last season’s divisional playoff loss to Jacksonville. Haley and Ben Roethlisberger never saw eye-to-eye. Haley had been Pitt’s O-coordinator since 2011. Supposedly, NFL fans shouldn’t see a difference. NFL bettors, though, should see some differences. If Roethlisberger gets his way, the Steelers should play more no huddle. Speeding the game up could lead to way more over games then what Pittsburgh had last season.

How much different is Tennessee’s offense this season from last season?

Like Pittsburgh, the Tennessee Titans changed offensive coordinators this season. New Titans’ head coach Mike Vrabel hired away the L.A. Rams’ offensive coordinator, Matt LaFleur. LaFleur has installed a 180 degrees different system then from what the Titans played last season. If QB Marcus Mariota takes to the new system, the Titans could have one of the most dynamic offenses in the NFL. That means over on Titans games as well as backing Tennessee ATS might be the way to go.