JAN 27 - 7 Super Bowl 51 Betting Tips With 7 Days Until Kickoff

7 Super Bowl 51 Betting Tips With 7 Days Until Kickoff

Written by on January 28, 2017

With approximately one week remaining before the start of Super Bowl 51, what could be better than seven sweet Super Bowl betting tips with seven days left until kickoff? That’s right…nothing! Now, let’s get started. Before you bet on the NFL playoffs, click here to cash in on the latest Super Bowl 51 promos.

7 Super Bowl 51 Betting Tips With 7 Days Until Kickoff


1. Inspect the Odds

The first thing any Super Bowl betting enthusiast should do is inspect the game’s ATS, O/U and Moneyline odds and determine if they are in the neighborhood of what you believe they should be. Remember, only you can determine what is or isn’t an appropriate betting line. While one NFL gaming aficionado may think the line is perfect, another may believe it’s too high – and another – too low. Inspect all of the game’s odds you plan on wagering on and make a determination on just how accurate you believe the line to be.

2. Remember…Every Super Bowl Matchup is Different!

It’s pretty simple, but you’d never believe how many bettors wager the same way no matter which teams are playing. While looking at history is important and can be a helpful tool you should never, ever make a wager based on the outcome of previous Super Bowls. Remember, every Super Bowl matchup is different and each participant is different even if they’ve made a recent trip to the big dance. Case in point…New England’s defense made minced-meat out of the Pittsburgh Steelers in their AFC Championship game matchup last weekend, but with the Patriots facing a totally different kind of offense in Super Bowl 51, It would be foolish to think they’re going to shut down the Falcons the exact same way they did the Steelers. Again, every matchup is different and each matchup presents different challenges for both, the favorite and underdog!

3. Recent Play is Important

Check the recent ATS and O/U outcomes of both teams – and in particular – their play against opponents similar to the one they’ll be facing in the Super Bowl. For instance, do the Patriots get into shootouts against high-scoring opponents or do they somehow manage to turn matchups against those types of teams into low-scoring battles? Find out how both teams have fared in recent games against similar opponents to the one they’ll face in the Super Bowl and you’ll have a better handle on what to expect out of that team.

4. Momentum

While using a team’s entire body of work over the regular season in order to determine just how good  they may be is a solid method that you must incorporate into your Super Bowl betting strategy, I believe that momentum is just as important if not more so. Take the 2007 and 2011 New York Giants for instance. In both years, the Giants got hot late and started to play their best football of the season just before the start of the playoffs. As we all know by now, both of those Eli Manning-led teams went on to win it all, so remember, betting on a team that is hot or peaking just before the postseason is as good of a team to wager on as one that had better consistency during the regular season, particularly if you can get them as a value-packed underdog.

5. Moneyline Underdogs: Risking A Little To Win A Lot

If you didn’t know before, now you know, you can risk a little to win a lot by wagering on a Moneyline underdog. If your Super Bowl pick is one for the underdog – and that team has a legitimate chance to win outright, you can increase your annual betting bankroll exponentially. Remember, when you wager on value-packed underdogs, he return is often considerably higher than betting on the favorite.

6. Never Make an ‘If’ Bet

Never make a Super Bowl wager on ‘If’ this happens or ‘if’ that happens. There’s an old saying that goes…’If ‘if’ was a fifth, we’d all be drunk’ and that’s as true as any wagering maxing ever. Be resolute in your betting selections and don’t ‘dream’ up scenarios that likely won’t come to fruition.

7. Head Over Heart!

Never, ever, ever, use your ‘heart’ to make a Super Bowl betting selection or a wager on any sport for that matter. This means removing your love for one team or another and using your brain power, ATS trends and ‘gut feelings’ to make the right pick. There’s probably not a bettors alive that hasn’t made at least one betting selection based on ‘love’ but that is generally a quick route to disaster…trust me!
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