According to the NFL Spread for the Wild Card Round, the Jaguars are huge favorites to beat the Bills.

Best Super Bowl LI Bets After the NFL Draft This Year

Written by on May 6, 2016

Following the National Football League draft, the odds to win the Super Bowl change a little bit. Teams get better, and some teams get dropped down in the odds due to inactivity during the draft. Now is a good time to put some future bets on the Super Bowl, which comes in February of 2017. Let’s take a look at the best Super Bowl LI value bets after the NFL Draft.

Best Super Bowl LI Bets After the NFL Draft

Let’s start with the Jacksonville Jaguars. Why not? This team will be much improved, and as we know, if you get into the postseason, you have a chance to win the Super Bowl. The Jaguars will have an incredible offense, with Blake Bortels leading the way. Jacksonville is listed at 85/1, which is a a great value. I mean, t he $10 to win $850 is certainly a fun bet, and worth the risk. Jacksonville is in a division that could allow for them to win some games. A long shot is the Jacksonville Jaguars 85/1 to win Super Bowl LI. The second team has got to be the Green Bay Packers. The funny part is Green Bay, and Jacksonville play each other in the first week of the season. Aaron Rodgers is still a stud, and Jordy Nelson should be back and ready to roll this season. The Packers defenses continues to improve, and they were close to getting there a season ago. The Packers are 11/1 according to oddsmakers in Las Vegas. Bet $10 on the Packers to win Super Bowl LI and win $110. Not a bad investment! The defending champion Denver Broncos are listed at 12/1 – no thank you. This is not a good value. For one, winning back to back titles is very tough, and for two Peyton Manning retired. If you want a value to stay away from for Super Bowl LI it’s the Denver Broncos at 12/1. The Carolina Panthers would have to get BACK to the Super Bowl, which Seattle did the previous two seasons. The Panthers lost their best defensive player in Josh Norman, and Cam Newton will not be able to repeat his statistics of a season ago, will he? The Panthers are listed at 13/1, and this is another bet we do not like. While we want to talk value bets – the Carolina Panthers at 13/1 is not one. The Indianapolis Colts would be a great team to bet on. If their defense improves, they can certainly get there, and Andrew Luck can get the job done. The Colts, like the Jaguars are out of the AFC South, and have a chance to win a bunch of games. The Colts are listed in Las Vegas at 20/1. Make a $20 bet on the Indianapolis Colts, and you have a chance to walk away with $400 winnings. Not a bad bet as we look ahead at the NFL season. The final team to present is the Arizona Cardinals. They certainly will remember how they were eliminated a season ago, at the buzzer by the Green Bay Packers. The defense for Arizona is scary, and if the offense stays healthy, it’s one of the best. The Cardinals are listed at 18/1, which is a great value. Take the Arizona Cardinals at 18/1 to win Super Bowl LI and hope for the best! There you go. Until football arrives, sit back and enjoy your bets. Best of luck, and have a great summer. See you when the pigskin comes back, and we will be ready to rock!