NFL Betting Predictions for Final 3 Weeks of the 2018 Regular Season

NFL Betting Predictions for Final 3 Weeks of the 2018 Regular Season

Written by on December 14, 2018

When the NFL decided on a Week 17 game most everyone thought it would be a throwaway. Week 17? Who needs it? Just another week for the league to make money, right? Nope.

Turns out that practically nothing has been decided and probably won’t until Week 17. Check out NFL betting predictions for the final 3 weeks of the season.

NFL Betting Predictions for Final 3 Weeks of the 2018 Regular Season

  1. The New Orleans Saints will run the table and secure homefield advantage

Starting in Week 15, the Saints play 2 games against the rival Carolina Panthers in their final 3. Sandwiched between the games against the Panthers is a home contest versus the Pittsburgh Steelers.

New Orleans should win out. Carolina has lost 5 in a row heading into Week 15 while the Steelers are on a 4-game losing streak heading into their Week 15 battle with the Patriots. Even though the Rams will also win out, the Saints get homefield advantage because they beat Los Angeles in the head-to-head.
  1. The Pittsburgh Steelers won’t win another game this season

The Steelers have a tenuous half a game lead over the Baltimore Ravens in the NFC North. The Ravens figure to take the division title because Pittsburgh must battle the Patriots, are at New Orleans and then host Cincinnati in Week 17. Pittsburgh’s not playing well at all. Two losses seem assured:  Week 15 versus New England and Week 16 at New Orleans.

Should the Steelers beat the Bengals? They should, but what’s the point after the Ravens lock down the division by Week 16?
  1. And, neither will the Kansas City Chiefs

Sounds crazy, but the Chiefs could lose in both Week 16 and Week 17. Next Sunday, they take on the Seattle Seahawks on the road. Seattle’s been one of the hottest teams in the NFL in the past 5 weeks. The Seahawks can beat the Chiefs. Then, in Week 17, the Chiefs battle their most hated rivals, the Oakland Raiders. The Raiders lost by only 7 points, 33-40, to KC.

There’s a chance Kansas City finishes with an 11-5 record after starting the season 8-0.
  1. The Dallas Cowboys will take the NFC East Division with a 9-7 record

The Dallas Cowboys sit on an 8-5 record seemingly in control of the NFC East Division. Dallas showed some major chinks in the armor when escaping with an overtime victory over the Eagles in Week 14, though.

Although Dallas’ defense is great, they shouldn’t beat the Colts on the road in Week 15 That’s a loss. Then, they’re at home against Tampa Bay and on the road against the Giants. Dallas could conceivably lose their next 3 games and still win the NFC East. They won’t, though. They’ll win one more game and take the NFC East with a 9-7 record.
  1. Chicago hangs on for the NFC North Division…barely

Everyone’s putting too much stock into Chicago’s Week 14 victory over the L.A. Rams. The Bears looked great beating the Rams, but Chicago’s terrible on the road. Two of their last 3 games are on the road: at San Francisco in Week 16 and at Minnesota in Week 17. That’s 2 potential losses. The Bears should beat Green Bay at home, but they’ll likely finish the season with nothing better than a 10-6 record.

If the Vikings win out, a huge possibility, it means the Bears win the division by a half a game because Minnesota would finish 9-6-1. Crazy, but the Minnesota Vikings tie happened in Week 1 against Green Bay, proving that every game in the NFL means something.