NFL Betting Predictions: Teams to Start 5-0 in 2017

NFL Betting Predictions: Teams to Start 5-0 in 2017

Written by on August 4, 2017

There can be no denying that there is a great deal of parity in the NFL, especially in the NFL betting odds, but there are still a handful of teams in the league who are just that much better than everyone else. These are the teams most likely to get off to a flying start, but are there any of them who are capable of winning their opening 5 games of the season.We have looked at the entire schedule and come up with a few teams that might just be able to get off to a perfect start through the first 5 weeks of the season. We will also be doing this for teams that are likely to go winless through the first 5 weeks of NFL, so keep an eye out for that article. For now, let’s take a look at the potential winners.

NFL Betting Predictions: Teams to Start 5-0 in 2017

New England Patriots

There is already a lot of talk about this team and their ability to go undefeated through the regular season, but let’s get through the first few weeks to begin with. Tom Brady has just turned 40 years old, but proved in last season’s Super Bowl that he is as sharp as ever.

Do You Remember What Happened Last Season?

The Patriots were the champs last season, and they look as though they might have an even better squad this year. The Patriots don’t have the easiest of starts, with the Chiefs, Saints, Texans, Panthers, and Buccaneers being their first 5 opponents, but if this team turns out to be as good as advertised, then look out.

Pittsburgh Steelers

If I were to pick just one team to go 5-0 to start the season, it would be the Pittsburgh Steelers. They have arguably the best offense in the league, and have a schedule that looks very kind to them in the early part of the season.

Which Teams Will They Definitely Beat This Season?

The Browns, Bears, and Jaguars look like definite wins, and while you would expect a stiffer challenge from the Vikings and the Ravens, those are still a pair of teams that you would expect Pittsburgh to beat. The 5th game of the season is on the road to the Ravens, which is the only one that makes me a little nervous.Are the Pittsburgh Steelers a safe bet for the 2017 NFL season?

Picking the 2017 NFL Season Over-Under Win Total for Every Team

Atlanta Falcons

The big concern here is that the Falcons are going to come into this season with a bit of a Super Bowl hangover, just as the Carolina Panthers did last season. The Falcons should have an easy start in Week 1 versus the Bears, but things get a little tougher the following week when they host the Packers.

What Could Happen to Falcons If They Beat the Packers?

If they can come out of that one with the win, you would expect them to take care of the Lions, Bills, and Dolphins in their next 3 games. The game against Green Bay would appear to be the only obstacle to a 5-0 start, but let’s not forget what Atlanta did to them in the NFC Championship Game last season.

Oakland Raiders

While I am putting the Raiders in with this group, I will be the first to admit that a 5-0 start for this group is a bit of a longshot. While no-one is questioning the talent on this team, there are some question marks hovering over them.How will they handle what is sure to be an uncomfortable situation at home? Will Derek Carr come back fully recovered from his broken leg? Can Marshawn Lynch rediscover Beast Mode and add an extra element to the running attack?All valid questions, and if the answer to them all is positive, then there is no reason why this team can’t get off to a flying start. On the road to the Broncos in Week 4 is the one game that makes me a little nervous here.

Expert  NFL Betting Predictions

These are the 4 teams who I believe have a legitimate shot at going 5-0 to start the 2017 NFL season. If I was to put my money on just one of them, it would be the Pittsburgh Steelers, as I think they are going to be an offensive juggernaut. But, if I might add, this is a good time to check out the latest betting trends for 2017-18 Regular Season.

Latest NFL Betting Trends for the Regular Season Win Total

  • Arizona Cardinals: O 8½ -110 / U 8½ -120
  • Atlanta Falcons: O 9½ -130 / U 9½ +100
  • Baltimore Ravens: O 8½ +100 / U 8½ -130
  • Buffalo Bills: O 6½ -125 / U 6½ -105
  • Carolina Panthers: O 9 -130 / U 9 +100
  • Chicago Bears: O 5½ +110 / U 5½ -140
  • Cincinnati Bengals: O 8½ -110 / U 8½ -120
  • Cleveland Browns: O 4½ -115 / U 4½ -115
  • Dallas Cowboys: O 9½ +100 / U 9½ -130
  • Denver Broncos: O 8½ +120 / U 8½ -150
  • Detroit Lions: O 7½ -110 / U 7½ -120
  • Green Bay Packers: O 10½ +110 / U 10½ -140
  • Houston Texans: O 8½ -135 / U 8½ +105
  • Jacksonville Jaguars: O 6½ -150 / U 6½ +120
  • Kansas City Chiefs: O 9 -115 / U 9 -115
  • LA Chargers: O 7½ -130 / U 7½ +100
  • LA Rams: O 5½ -110 / U 5½ -120
  • Miami Dolphins: O 7½ -120 / U 7½ -110
  • Minnesota Vikings: O 8½ -110 / U 8½ -120
  • New England Patriots: O 12½ -120 / U 12½ -110
  • New Orleans Saints: O 8½ +125 / U 8½ -155
  • NY Giants: O 9 -110 / U 9 -120
  • NY Jets: O 4½ +185 / U 4½ -225
  • Oakland Raiders: O 9½ -135 / U 9½ +105
  • Philadelphia Eagles: O 8½ +105 / U 8½ -135
  • Pittsburgh Steelers: O 10½ -130 / U 10½ +100
  • San Francisco 49ers: O 4½ -150 / U 4½ +120
  • Seattle Seahawks: O 10½ -130 / U 10½ +100
  • Tampa Bay Buccaneers: O 8½ +105 / U 8½ -135
  • Tennessee Titans: O 9 -110 / U 9 -120
  • Washington Redskins: O 7½ -115 / U 7½ -115