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Early Super Bowl LI Odds

Written by on February 9, 2016

It’s time to look at Super Bowl LI odds. Why not? Super Bowl 50 is now over, and the National Football League is looking ahead to next season. The Denver Broncos came away with the Super Bowl win over Carolina, with that outstanding defense. Let’s go ahead and take a look at our online sportsbook NFL betting page and the Early Super Bowl LI Odds for 2017

And the Early Super Bowl 51 Odds Favorites Are?

The early favorites to win the Super Bowl next season are the Seattle Seahawks, New England Patriots and Pittsburgh Steelers. All three of those teams were in the postseason this year, but none made the Super Bowl. Interesting that the Seahawks are back at the top despite likely losing Marshawn Lynch. The Patriots will return Tom Brady behind center, but their age is an issue, and the Pittsburgh Steelers have great offensive talent, but can their defense hold up to make a title run? Those three were listed at 8/1.

Second Tier Teams for 2016/17

Next on the list is another trio of teams. The Green Bay Packers, Arizona Cardinals and Carolina Panthers. Carolina, of course made the game with a 17-1 record this season, but fell to Denver in the Super Bowl. The Packers should return Jordy Nelson, which will give Aaron Rodgers a big boast, and for Arizona, Bruce Arians should scheme up something to make the Cardinals extremely talented once again. All three of those teams were listed 10/1.

Best of the Rest

The next two teams on the list come from the AFC. The Cincinnati Bengals are regulars in the postseason, but cannot get over the first round hump. Andy Dalton and A.J. Green have been a great combination for the offense, but the discipline is still an issue. The Broncos will come into the season as the defending champions, and likely without Peyton Manning. The Bengals and Broncos are both listed at 14/1.The Dallas Cowboys are next at 16/1. Tony Romo and Dez Bryant should start the season healthy, and that’s a big key. If they stay healthy, they should be favorites to win the NFC East. Both with those two that’s a big IF.

Longshots to Win Super Bowl 51

Minnesota, Indianapolis and Kansas City are next on the list at 20/1, followed by the Jets, Buffalo and Baltimore at 30/1. Atlanta, Houston, the New York Giants, Washington, Chicago, Detroit and New Orleans are all listed at 40/1. To round out the list for Super Bowl LI odds, starting with Philadelphia at 50/1, along with Tampa Bay, the Los Angeles Rams, Miami, Tennessee, Jacksonville, Oakland and the San Diego Chargers.Two more teams have yet to be listed, San Francisco is 60/1, while the Cleveland Browns are projected as the worst team in the league, at 200/1. There is a look at MyBookie.ag Early Super Bowl LI Odds for 2017. Best of luck, and enjoy the offseason!