Four Bold Predictions For NFL Week 1

Four Bold Predictions For NFL Week 1

Written by on August 23, 2016

As we head into Week 3 of the NFL preseason, we can now really start to legitimately look ahead to the regular season with a real level of excitement. We are but a couple of weeks away from kick-off, and that means it’s time to start talking about what might go down in Week 1. Since a big part of what we do here is preview and predict game outcomes, we thought it might be fun to make some rather bold statements for the opening week of the season. A couple of these, or maybe even all of them, will blow up in my face, but fortune favors the bold, so perhaps I will end up looking like a crystal ball king when the real action finally gets under way. Let’s set NFL betting lines aside for the moment, and instead make four bold predictions for Week 1.

A Closer Look At The Four Bold Predictions For NFL Week 1


The Super Bowl Champions Will Start 0-1

The Denver Broncos will open up on home field, and will have something of a party as they raise their Super Bowl Banner. It’ll be a big party at Mile High, but once the celebrations are over, they are going to have to go up against a Carolina Panthers team with their hearts set on revenge. I am just not convinced that the Broncos have a legitimate starting QB in the fold, and they are going to have to lean very heavily on their defense once again. Let the Super Bowl hangover begin.

The Return of the Raiders

When was the last time we could talk about the Oakland Raiders without trying to stifle a mocking laugh? Things did start to get a little more respectable last season, but this now looks like a team that could be a legitimate challenger in the AFC West. They start out Week 1 on the road in New Orleans, which is a place that they can go and win, in my humble opinion. I like the Raiders to win big in Week 1.

QB Controversy in Dallas

It’s been an interesting couple of weeks in preseason for the Dallas Cowboys. First off, a picture of Tony Romo arriving at camp appeared to show a guy who had not missed a meal all offseason. That was followed by two ridiculously good performances from back-up QB Dak Prescott. The Cowboys fans have had their fill of Romo, and if things start to go wrong against the Giants in Week 1, how long before they start calling for Prescott?

Tom Who?

The New England Patriots are going to have to open their season without the services of QB and all around golden boy Tom Brady for 4 weeks. That means that Jimmy Garoppolo will be pressed into unwanted service, and he has a tough start with a trip to Arizona to face the Cardinals in prime time on Sunday night. While people are predicting disaster for the Patriots, I think they will be just fine with Garoppolo at the helm, and would not be stunned to see them go 3-1 through the first 4 weeks.