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Betting on The Green Bay Packers to Win Super Bowl 50

Written by on January 15, 2016

The Green Bay Packers came into the season as one of the overwhelming betting favorites to win Super Bowl 50. They started off hot, winning their first six games. Everything seemed to be going well, but then the Packers started to falter and lost many of their final ten games, ending at 10-6 and barely making it into the playoffs as a wild card team. This past weekend we saw a flashback of the old Packers, as they decimated the Redskins 35-18 on their own home field. Despite all of this, they still come into this week with the absolute worst odds of any team in the playoffs to win the Super Bowl at +1800. These odds are giving bettors tons of reason to go with the Packers. They’ll get a huge payout, they’re choosing a team that is backed by Aaron Rodgers, a stout defense, and Mike Mccarthy, a great head coach. But you can’t just go ahead and choose the Packers without any logic behind it!

Why Bet on the Green Bay Packers to Win Super Bowl 50

#1: Recency

If you believe in the recency bias, you have faith in the Packers. Aside from the Chiefs, they had the biggest win in the playoffs and scored more points than any team during the wild card weekend. The offense looks like it’s running on all cylinders again. Another thing you might believe in if you trust recency is the Cardinal’s last game, where they lost to the Seahawks 36-6.

#2: Aaron Rodgers vs Carson Palmer

Aaron Rodgers has been miraculous in the postseason. Carson Palmer has never won a playoff game. See the difference between these two? The Packers have been here before, and know how to win in the playoffs. Did the Packers win the Super Bowl when they were a wild card team that barely made it into the playoffs, or when they went 15-1? They might not have looked great in the regular season, but they have experience, and at this point you can throw out their regular season record. It doesn’t matter.
Quarterbacks Aaron Rodgers and Carson Palmer will meet this Saturday.

#3: They Get Hot

The Packers go on streaks. If you believe they can beat Arizona, expect them to be a favorite to win the Super Bowl in the end. The above two points show that they can beat the Cardinals. With a pick like the Packers at +1800, you have to have a bit of blind luck to win, but that’s what makes it a bet. I can’t say to expect the Packers to win the Super Bowl, but at +1800 odds, it’s worth a shot. Even if you made just a 10 dollar bet, you’d get $180 if the Pack ended up closing things out in the Super Bowl. A team with Aaron Rodgers and Mike Mccarthy can never be counted out.
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