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NFL Highlights Highest Scoring Games In Super Bowl History

Written by on January 20, 2017

In today’s fast-paced, high-tech times, NFL betting odds fans everywhere love to see games that are both, high-scoring and competitive. While the league’s annual Super Bowl showdown has produced its share of low-scoring defensive battles that modern-day fans would likely be sickened at, the perennial championship matchup has certainly produced some epic, high-scoring affairs that are now etched in our memories. This look back at the highest scoring games in NFL history, will both, inform and entertain, Now, let’s get started and before you bet on the NFL playoffs, click here to cash in on the latest Super Bowl 51 promos.

NFL Highlights Highest Scoring Games In Super Bowl History


5. Super Bowl 24: San Francisco 49ers 55 Denver Broncos 10 (65 Points)

The San Francisco 49ers won their fourth Super Bowl by pounding the Denver Broncos into submission back in 1990 while setting a handful of Super Bowl records along the way. Frisco’s 55 points remains the most ever scored by a team in a Super Bowl and the 45-point win still represents the largest margin of the victory of all time. The 49ers are the only team to score at least two touchdowns in each quarter and the only team to put a whopping eight touchdowns on the board in a Super Bowl.

4. Super Bowl 13: Pittsburgh Steelers 35 Dallas Cowboys 31 (66 Points)

God you know you’re getting old when you remember games from nearly 40 years ago, but I can’t tell a lie…I remember this Super Bowl matchup like it was yesterday. Roger Staubach and the Dallas Cowboys put on one helluva’ show against the powerful Pittsburgh Steelers in January of 1979 in a game that remains one of the best Super Bowls ever, but the Boys are also the only team to have scored over 30 points in a Super Bowl and lose.

3. Super Bowl 27: Dallas Cowboys 52 Buffalo Bills 17 (69 Points)

In 1993 the Dallas Cowboys and the ‘Triplets’ of Troy Aikman, Emmitt Smith and Michael Irvin, rode roughshod all over Jim Kelly, Thurman Thomas, Bruce Smith and the rest of the Buffalo Bills while scoring the second most points in Super Bowl history. This game also mark the first time a team had lost three straight Super Bowls.

2. Super Bowl 37: Tampa Bay Buccaneers 48 Oakland Raiders 21 (69 Points)

Jon Gruden led the Tony Dungy-built Tampa Bay Buccaneers to an emphatic blowout over the Oakland Raiders as this 2003 championship clash matched the 69 points the Bills and Cowboys scored in their Super Bowl matchup a decade earlier.

1. Super Bowl 29: San Francisco 49ers 49 San Diego Chargers 26 (75 Points)

The highest scoring Super Bowl of all-time took place on January 29, 1995, when the 49ers put up an ironic 49 points while overpowering the San Diego Chargers in fairly forgettable Super Bowl that was basically over by halftime even though this game set several Super Bowl scoring records like the fact that the teams became the first to score ten touchdowns in a Super Bowl and the first to both score in all four quarters of a Super Bowl.
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