MAY 10 - Keys To 2017 NFL Preseason Betting

Keys To 2017 NFL Preseason Betting

Written by on May 10, 2017

If you’re an experienced NFL bettor that has been at it for quite some time, then you already know that betting on preseason football can be a tricky proposition. If you’re new to NFL betting or more of a casual bettor that only wagers occasionally, then you need to know that betting on preseason football is nothing like betting on the regular season.

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However, thanks to the handful of expert preseason betting tips that you’re about to get, you’re going to be able to make the most out of all your NFL preseason picks once the official scrimmage season gets underway in August. Now, let’s get the ball rolling.

Here’s A Closer Look At The Keys To 2017 NFL Preseason Betting


Recognize the Odds

The odds for NFL preseason action are generally pretty straight forward, seeing as how the majority both teams’ starters are generally on the sidelines far more often they are on the field. Unless one team is far better than the other, you can expect to see most preseason games featuring the home team as 3-point favorites. Now, don’t go expecting to see a 3-point spread if, let’s say, the Jacksonville Jaguars are hosting the New England Patriots. Bill Belichick’s backups could likely beat Jacksonville’s starters every day of the week, so the 3-point preseason spread isn’t always the case.

Health vs. Wealth

Some head coaches prefer to limit the series their starters play more than others while focusing on hitting the regular season as healthy as possible. Other coaches focus on ‘wealth’ and want to pick up some wins – and momentum – in the preseason, for various reasons like giving their young players confidence. Make sure you know

What’s Most Important?

In keeping with the importance of coaching in the preseason, it’s clear that every NFL coach has their own plan for the preseason. Some coaches may want to decide who their starting quarterback for the upcoming season will be while others want to help their new offensive line gel and others still, want to focus on incorporating some new starters into their schemes. Knowing what’s most important to each coach and team in the preseason is very important and will help you maximize your chance of cashing in.

Hold Up Wait a Minute!

Do you know who’s holding out and who’s injured? If you plan on betting preseason NFL action, then you had better! If Ben Roethlisberger is a bit banged-up from training camp and he’s not going to play very much at all in the preseason, then you had better know that the Steelers chance of winning behind their backup won’t be nearly as good as they would be if Roethlisberger got to play a few more series. If a star player is holding out in hope of a bigger payday, then you need to know that as well.

What’s Trending?

Knowing each teams’ preseason trends is another great way to maximize your chance of cashing in on preseason NFL football. For example, if you know that Mike McCarthy generally wins two of his four preseason games while covering the spread on average of just once per preseason, then I wouldn’t go around expecting the Packers to suddenly win all four of their preseason games while posing a perfect 4-0 ATS mark. Make sure you stay abreast of each team’s preseason SU and ATS trending history and adjust your wagers accordingly.

What Week Is It?

Last but not least, you need to know which week of preseason football you’re betting on. If it’s Week 1 or 4, you shouldn’t expect to see experienced veteran starters play very much – if at all. If it’s Week 2 and more importantly, Week 3, then you can expect to see the starters play a lot more while giving you a truer sense of what to likely expect in the regular season. Remember, the vast amount of minutes starters will see come in the middle two weeks of preseason action so adjust your betting to match that fact.