FEB 13 - Reasons Every AFC Team Can Win Super Bowl 52

Reasons Every AFC Team Can Win Super Bowl 52

Written by on February 13, 2017

If you’re an NFL betting lines enthusiast that is already looking forward to the 2017 season and you’re looking for reasons why your favorite team could potentially win Super Bowl 52 next season, then you’re going to enjoy this fun-filled romp across the National Football Conference, or more commonly referred to as the NFC. You see, I’ve got one great reasons why every team in the league could win Super Bowl 52…and before you ask…yes, even the Cleveland Browns. Let’s get started.

Reasons Every AFC Team Can Win Super Bowl 52


AFC East

Miami Dolphins After getting back into the playoffs for the first time in a decade, the Fins could surprise even more in 2017! Buffalo Bills Rex Ryan is gone, so now the Bills can actually play competent football. New York Jets Todd Bowles is a defensive genius. New England Patriots Really? Does anyone actually need a reason the Pats could win it all again next season?

AFC West

Denver Broncos A stellar defense and two strong-armed young quarterbacks mean the Broncos will contend. San Diego Chargers The Bolts still have an elite quarterback in Philip Rivers. Kansas City Chiefs Andy Reid and his Kansas City Chiefs are the poster boys for playoff consistency. Oakland Raiders The Raiders have an MVP-caliber quarterback and the Defensive Player of the Year on their roster.

AFC North

Pittsburgh Steelers The Steelers have a Super Bowl-winning head coach and quarterback and a ton of talent on offense. Cincinnati Bengals After having their five-year playoff run halted, Andy Dalton and Marvin Lewis have plenty of motivation. Baltimore Ravens The Ravens have a solid defense and a quarterback that has already won Super Bowl ring. Cleveland Browns The Browns have absolutely no place to go but up – and believe it or not – miracles still do happen.

AFC South

Indianapolis Colts The Colts still have an elite quarterback in Andrew Luck and now a sense of normalcy with Ryan Grigson gone. Tennessee Titans Make no mistake about it, Marcus Mariota is a franchise quarterback. Houston Texans The Texans have an elite head coach and have to get it right at the quarterback position at some point…right? Jacksonville Jaguars Gus Bradley is finally gone, so there’s hope in Jacksonville.