Robert Kraft: A Bad Situation for the 6 Time Super Bowl Winning Owner

Robert Kraft: A Bad Situation for the 6 Time Super Bowl Winning Owner

Written by on February 27, 2019

Robert Kraft, the most successful NFL owner in history has been charged with soliciting prostitution. Before getting into the particulars and the Robert Kraft odds specials, check out a brief bio.

Robert Kraft:  Bad Situation for the 6 Time Super Bowl Winning Owner

Who is Robert Kraft?

Kraft is the CEO and chairman of the Kraft Group, a company that owns assets in real estate development, a private equity portfolio, paper and packaging, and sports and entertainment. We know Kraft because under the Kraft Group’s sports and entertainment division, he owns the New England Patriots.

Kraft is the winningest owner in the history of the NFL. He just won his sixth Super Bowl. He’s also one of the most influential people in the sports world.

What exactly happened?

So, basically, the Orchid of Asia Day Spa in Jupiter, Florida has been offering extra services from some of its patrons. 26 men were busted for soliciting sex, or sexual acts, from the masseuses at the Orchid of Asia Day Spa. One of those men is Robert Kraft.

Police documents obtained by news outlets like TMZ Sports supposedly describes the acts in graphic detail and, to quote TMZ, notes a “pattern of behavior from the John’s”. The word John is used to describe a purveyor of prostitution. In other words, a prostitute’s customers.

The individuals arrested would pay up front. Then, they’d be escorted into the back where women, one or two, would perform sexual acts with their hands and mouths. No vaginal intercourse is said to have taken place.

Give me a few moments to clear my head of the image of Bob Kraft and sexual acts…okay, I’m good. Let’s get to the MyBookie Robert Kraft Specials!

Size of the Fine Levied Against Robert Kraft

Kraft has won 6 Super Bowls. He’s the most high-profile, influential, and one of the richest sports owners in the world in any league. No way the NFL doesn’t give him a fine way over $475,000. Expect at least a $600,000 fine.

Will Robert Kraft Be Suspended for Any Games in 2019?

If the NFL suspends players for spitting on the street wrong, why wouldn’t they suspend Robert Kraft for getting extra services at a day spa? Okay, the NFL isn’t that bad. They’d have to catch the players spitting first before they could fine them.

In any case, Kraft most definitely misses a few games in 2019. Not that it matters. I’m sure he’ll be fine in his mansion watching the games on his 60” 4K HD Samsung television.

How Many Games Will Robert Kraft Be Suspended?

Over for sure. He’s an owner. Whether he’s there or not, Belichick and Brady will do their thing. Nobody cares and the NFL will want to show they don’t play favorites even though they most definitely do, right, New Orleans Saints?

Will Robert Kraft Be Forced to Sell the Patriots?

Doubtful. Although if he doesn’t have a prenup, who knows? He is married and this is the perfect excuse for his wife to take him for everything he’s got. Hmm…I think I might go with yes. Why not? Plus, I don’t have $9k to make $100.

Robert Kraft Pleads Guilty for Soliciting Prostitution

I think he does. He cops to it after his lawyers tell him how ridiculous it is to fight this. A first offense in Florida is a misdemeanor. This is a first offense. He didn’t kill anybody. If it had happened in Vegas, they wouldn’t have even arrested him.

Will Video of Robert K. in the Day Spa Be Leaked?

This is a resounding, huge, absolute without a doubt yes. Why? Money. There’s green where that video’s concerned. Someone on Jupiter’s law enforcement team will leak it.