Ranking Super Bowl 52 Real Favorites and Underdogs (1-32)

Ranking Super Bowl 52 Real Favorites and Underdogs (1-32)

Written by on July 24, 2017

We’ve had more than enough time to percolate on the offseason NFL moves and now it’s time to address what can be expected of the 32 teams. #Spoiler Alert: Tom Brady and the Patriots lead the crop of Super Bowl 52 odds favorites while the 49ers (even with their somewhat nice offseason moves) are holding fort among the worst NFL betting underdogs.

Analyzing The Ranking Super Bowl 52 Real Favorites and Underdogs (1-32)


THE TOP CONTENDERS: Hottest Super Bowl 52 NFL Betting Favorites

New England Patriots

With his majesty Bill Belichick on the sidelines, future Hall of Fame QB Tom Brady back in the fold, a slew of solid talented re-signed to the team and a couple of new shiny toys brought in for the hell of it; I don’t see why the Patriots can’t win back-to-back titles.

Dallas Cowboys

Even if Ezekiel Elliot will miss some games, I’d still be very high on America’s Team to do it big. As y’all know, Dak Prescott is for real, the Cowboys defense is for real and the Dallas running game (with or without Zeke) has pieces to cause all kinds of havoc. Add that to their inspiring show during the regular season and playoffs last year, I don’t need to trumpet that Dallas will be amongst the hottest contenders for the Vince Lombardi Trophy this year. SEATTLE SEAHAWKS PITTSBURGH STEELERS

Green Bay Packers

Aaron Rodgers has always been and still is what you’d define as class when talking about quarterbacks. Unfortunately, his teammates just can’t seem to rally enough around him when he needs them to do so, and that is the most worrying issue about the Packers. Can the Packers get over the hump come the postseason this time round? Only time can tell…

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Minnesota Vikings

Barring another catastrophic injury in their offense, the Vikings could be a revelation in the coming season. I mean, if Mike Zimmer managed a respectable 8-8 season in spite of using a makeshift offense (that ranked 28th in the league), then he most certainly should be able to do more with Teddy Bridgewater back in the fold and Minnesota’s elite defense wreaking havoc on the other side of the ball. KANSAS CITY CHIEFS NEW YORK GIANTS

Atlanta Falcons

Oh dear me! Why did ye Falcons have to crumble so spectacularly in Super Bowl 51? Anyway, after their historic Super Bowl loss, and with the loss of offensive coordinator Kyle Shanahan in the offseason, and with the usual Super Bowl hangover added to the mix; I have zero belief that the Falcons will make the cut for NFL’s Big Dance, let alone win it all this coming season. That said, I still think Matty Ice and his offense will keep Atlanta competitive amongst the most exciting teams in 2017.

Carolina Panthers

The Super Bowl 50 hangover was indeed real for Cam Newton and the Panthers. Tale-told, lesson-learned. I’m not so high on Christian McCaffrey (yet), but I expect an improved Carolina team this season, thanks to the decent moves made on the defensive side of the ball, which was their biggest area of concern last season. Add that to their weak division, the Panthers should at least make the playoffs.

HIGH MIDDLE OF THE PARK: Interesting Super Bowl 52 NFL Betting Candidates

Oakland Raiders

In agreeing to a five-year, $125 million contract extension with the Raiders (including $40 million guaranteed), Derek Carr became the highest paid quarterback in the NFL. Kudos kiddo! But then again, even if Carr will be throwing bombs (of which I doubt since he already has what he was aiming for in his breakout 2016-17 season), Oakland’s defense—which hasn’t improved much in the offseason—is likely to let him down. An above .500 season? Yes. Strong Super Bowl Contenders? Not really.

Miami Dolphins

Coming off a 10-win season and with a roster that is stacked on both sides of the ball, the Dolphins will surely make some noise in the AFC East, especially with Adam Gase leading the charge. If only they had a quarterback that can throw the pigskin better than Ryan Tannehill… How the Detroit Lions made the playoffs last season and how will they do this coming Super Bowl 52.

Detroit Lions

How the Detroit Lions made the playoffs last season—yet teams like Arizona, Minnesota and Washington failed to make the cut—is still a mystery to me. But that’s the second time in the last three seasons that Jim Caldwell has taken the Lions to the postseason games, and I don’t think it’s all down to luck; the coach must be doing something right, even if I can’t still figure it out. So while the Super Bowl is still piped dream for Detroit, I wouldn’t want to bet against the Lions as far as making the playoffs is concerned.

Cincinnati Bengals

If you think the Bengals will not be as disappointing as they were last season, then think again. Andrew Whitworth is gone and so is Kevin Zettler, leaving Cincy without two major contributors in its offensive line. And even if they somehow magically return to the playoffs after missing it last year, we all know of the Cincinnati curse once the clock reads postseason, so… TENNESSEE TITANS HOUSTON TEXANS

LOW MIDDLE OF THE PARK: Interesting Super Bowl 52 NFL Betting Candidates

Arizona Cardinals

Yes, the Cardinals had an atrocious 2016-2017 season, condemning head coach Bruce Arians to his first losing season with Arizona. The Cards will be slightly better this year, largely because of their still-good offense, but with the key losses the team suffered in the free agency, I’d be wary of picking Arizona to win it all in the Super Bowl 52 futures.

Washington Redskins

Kirk Cousins has been doing a lot of good and very little wrong over the past couple of seasons, so it wouldn’t be far-fetched to expect another good year from him. Unfortunately, Cousins and the Redskins are like the poor man’s version of the Rodgers and the Packers, who are seemingly stuck in neutral because the rest of the team isn’t giving the QB the best all-rounded support when it’s need most.

New Orleans Saints

Say all you want about the Saints not making a run for the Super Bowl…and I will support you. But with Drew Brees torching teams with his otherworldly hands and Adrian Peterson leading the charge on the ground, I wouldn’t be surprised if the Saints deliver a minor break that would take them as far as the playoffs as a one-and-done team. Did we say the Saints have plugged a number of holes in their defense? Yep, there’s that too, and it should bode well for them, especially if they can start their season on a good note.

Buffalo Bills

I am not sure if trading Rex Ryan Sean McDermott is an upgrade like most people are claiming it to be, but I am sure as hell that with Miami on the up-rise and New England being the prohibitive AFC East favorites (of course, with good reasons), Buffalo will once again fall just short making the playoffs. INDIANAPOLIS COLTS PHILADELPHIA EAGLES TAMPA BAY BUCCANEERS LOS ANGELES CHARGERS

PLAIN UNDERDOGS: Super Bowl 52 NFL Betting Candidates

Baltimore Ravens

The Ravens are on a decline and I am counting a third-straight season of them missing the playoffs after sitting out of it for the past two consecutive seasons. And with no playoffs, there’s no Super Bowl. NEW YORK JETS CLEVELAND BROWNS LOS ANGELES RAMS SAN FRANCISCO 49ERS JACKSONVILLE JAGUARS

Chicago Bears

Really? Super Bowl with the washed-up Mike Glennon and/or not-ready-for-the-pros Mitchell Trubisky at quarterback? Not happening!