Updated Super Bowl 54 Odds – July 8th Edition.

Updated Super Bowl 54 Odds – July 8th Edition

Written by on July 8, 2019

It won’t be long now until NFL training camps across the country open their doors and hope springs eternal in every fan, regardless of who they follow. We never really know who is going to rise up and dominate in any given season until the games actually begin, but we do have a good idea as to which teams have the best opportunity to make a Super Bowl run this coming season.

The bookies know who they like, so as the season edges ever closer, now is as good a time as any to start looking ahead and taking a closer look at the favorites to win Super Bowl 54. Let’s look at who the bookies have in as their top picks.

Updated Super Bowl 54 Odds – July 8th Edition

New England Patriots

  • Super Bowl 54 Odds: +700

It is perhaps no real surprise that the defending champions are in as the preseason favorites, but will that be a label that they will be able to live up to this time around. Recent history suggests that they are more than capable of making another deep run, but there are some question marks surrounding this team.

Gronk has hung up his pads and called an end to his career, and while Tom Brady has yet to show any signs of slowing down, we need to remember that he is on the wrong side of 40 now. Father Time will eventually come calling, but until it does, this team cannot be counted out.

Los Angeles Rams

  • Super Bowl 54 Odds: +750

The Rams spent a lot of money last offseason in hopes of building a team that would win the Super Bowl. That didn’t happen, but they came as close to winning it as you can get without actually doing so.

This team is still stacked from top to bottom, so there is every reason to suggest that they will be strong again this coming season. They are undoubtedly going to have a little chip on their shoulder after putting in an awful performance in the Super Bowl, so look for them to come out feeling as though they have something to prove.

Kansas City Chiefs

  • Super Bowl 54 Odds: +800

The Kansas City Chiefs went into last season under a bit of a microscope after shipping out QB Alex Smith to Washington and replacing him with a kid with zero NFL experience.

Tyrann Mathieu and the Chiefs are among the favorites at the latest Super Bowl 54 Odds.

By the time all was said and done, that move looked like a stroke of absolute genius, with Patrick Mahomes torching opposing defenses and setting all sorts of passing records along the way. The Chiefs now have their franchise QB in place, with the hope being that he avoids the sophomore slump and takes this team to the next level.

New Orleans Saints

  • Super Bowl 54 Odds: +800

If you had to pick out one team as the most balanced in the NFL, the New Orleans Saints would certainly be in the conversation. This is a team that is insanely talented on both side of the football, but we also know that QB Drew Brees is not getting any younger, so as good as this team is, it still feels as though they are looking at a small window of opportunity.

The Saints are another team sure to be coming in with a chip on their shoulder after a controversial exit last season. They are definitely among the teams to watch when talking about the Super Bowl.

Other Super Bowl 54 Contenders

  • Los Angeles Chargers +1400
  • Philadelphia Eagles +1400
  • Cleveland Browns +1400
  • Chicago Bears +1400
  • Indianapolis Colts +1600