Teams You Should Avoid Early This Season For NFL Betting

Teams You Should Avoid Early This Season For NFL Betting

Written by on June 21, 2017

The football offseason is a long one, which may explain why we all are so willing to get back on the NFL betting bandwagon as soon as the new season gets underway. The problem here is that the early weeks of the season are when we tend to make the most mistakes, as we tend to look at the performance of the teams last year and use that as a guide on how to bet this season. The reality is that some teams are going to take a step back in the new season, while other teams, who you may ordinarily avoid, will get off to a fast start. You also need to pay attention to the preseason games, because even though they may not mean much in the grand scheme of things, you can get a decent look at the depth of each individual team, and how they might be able to cope should some of their key players go down. We will have a lot of stuff about the upcoming football season over the next few weeks and months, but let’s get the betting ball rolling by talking about some teams you might want to avoid NFL betting on in the early part of the season.

Teams You Should Avoid Early This Season For NFL Betting


Oakland Raiders

Last season was a bit of a rollercoaster ride for the Raiders. They finally broke out of a long losing slump to put together a 12-win season, but it came at a price as QB Derek Carr broke his leg late in the season, essentially ending any Super Bowl bid. The biggest question surrounding this team heading into the new season is how well their QB is going to fare on his return. You also have to wonder about fan reaction after the Raiders announced plans to relocate to Las Vegas, and there is also the question of what Marshawn Lynch will do in his return to football. Lots of questions waiting to be answered, and it may be a few weeks into the season before they are all resolved.

Cleveland Browns

There are some who would suggest that you might want to avoid betting on these guys all season long, but you have to believe that we will see some sort of improvement from this bunch. They essentially hit bottom last year with a 1-15 season, but even if they are receiving good reviews for their draft this year, it may take some time for the new guys to gel. They start the season against the Steelers, Ravens, Colts, and Bengals, which is a bit of a nightmare, so I don’t see them getting much joy through the first few weeks. NFL Betting Buffalo Bills

Buffalo Bills

The Bills ended last season with a losing record, and the general consensus among football fans is that they will continue to decline again this season. They have what looks to be a winnable game in Week 1 versus the Jets, but things get a good deal trickier after that, as they will then go on to face the Panthers, Broncos, and Falcons. Realistically, you are looking at a team that will be 1-3 after the opening month of the season, but it could also be a winless start for them if they are unable to take care of the hapless Jets.

Chicago Bears

The golden years of the Chicago Bears are now well in the rearview, and they are now a team in the process of rebuilding. Longtime QB Jay Cutler is gone, and it is likely that the reins will be handed over to rookie Mitch Trubisky. This is a kid with plenty of upside, but it is rare to see a rookie QB come into this league and immediately shine, especially when he is surrounded by mediocre talent. Even if he does do well early on, what are this team’s chances of winning through the first few weeks of the NFL betting season when they will be facing the Falcons, Buccaneers, Steelers, and Packers? That is a schedule that a good team would have trouble with, and these Bears are pretty far removed from being a good team.
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