Panthers SB 50 Betting Total

Top SB50 Bets for the Carolina Panthers

Written by on February 1, 2016

The scenario for Super Bowl 50 is set, and only one week separate bettors from the big day. The existing Super Bowl betting odds have been going up and down since they were released, but the trend has not changed a bit, with the Carolina Panthers getting almost 70% of the bets from the public.

By this time is clear that Carolina is a heavy betting favorite, but if you’re planning to put your money down on the Carolina Panthers, you are looking at giving six points if you’re playing the spread. That means that your team has to win by a touchdown if you want to take away the winnings. The game total (45.5 points) seems pretty low, given the number of points that the Panthers have been putting up. Let’s take a look at which is the best choice if you want to bet on the Carolina Panthers.

Betting on Super Bowl 50 Game Total

Let’s look at the four playoff games in which these two teams have taken part:

  • AFC Divisional Round: Denver Broncos 23, Pittsburgh Steelers 16 (39 total points)
  • AFC Championship: Denver Broncos 20, New England Patriots 18 (38 total points
  • NFC Divisional Round: Carolina Panthers 31, Seattle Seahawks 24 (55 total points)
  • NFC Championship: Carolina Panthers 49, Arizona Cardinals 15 (64 total points)

Pittsburgh was severely limited on offense, as their quarterback, Ben Roethlisberger, had suffered a major shoulder injury in the wild card game against the Cincinnati Bengals. As a result, he couldn’t throw the ball more than 15 yards or so down the field with any sort of accuracy. The New England Patriots basically gave up on the run, allowing the Denver Broncos to tee off on their passing game. Those were two factors that kept those game scores low.

On the other hand, the Carolina Panthers didn’t have to deal with any of these offensive limitations. As a result, you should be wary when looking at the numbers from the AFC Championship. Yes, Denver has the #1 defense in the NFL, but Carolina doesn’t have any factors keeping them from running their offense at full strength.

In the Divisional Round game between Panthers and Seahawks, Carolina shut out Seattle in the first half, 31-0, and then seemed to take the foot off the gas as Seattle shut them out in the second half, 24-0 to make an interesting game of it. That loss of focus was a distant memory in the NFC Championship, as defensive touchdowns and offensive touchdowns piled up in plenty as Carolina rolled to a huge win.

Final Super Bowl 50 Betting Remarks

Making a betting prediction isn’t as easy as many would think, but some games provide bettors with strong signals and stats that are hard to ignore. So let’s talk about my pick for this coming Sunday, February 7th. I’m picking this game as a 31-17 win for the Panthers. That’s 48 total points. I have respect for the Denver defense, but I also see the Carolina defense or special teams scoring at least once on Denver, and I see this game going over on the total.

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