Updated Super Bowl LI Betting Odds (Sept. 7th)

Updated Super Bowl LI Betting Odds (Sept. 7th)

Written by on September 7, 2016

With the start if the 2016 NFL regular season just over 48 hours away, gridiron gaming enthusiasts everywhere need to know how the latest odds to win Super Bowl 51 have changed in recent weeks. Thanks to this informative betting analysis, you’re about to find out right now.

Here Are the Updated Super Bowl LI Betting Odds (Sept. 7th)

New England Patriots +700

The Patriots were a +1000 pick a few months back but are now a +700 pick, which makes no sense to me, seeing as how Tom Brady is out for four weeks.

Green Bay Packers 12/1

The Packers were a +1200 pick in February, but are now the No. 2 favorite over Seattle (+800), Carolina (+1000) and Arizona, which has improved from a +1500 pick to +1200. The Seahawks have gone from a +1000 pick to the previously aforementioned +800 selection while Pittsburgh has remained steady as a +1000 pick. The Cincinnati Bengals were a +1800 pick and now are a more attractive +2000 while the Denver Broncos have moved from a +2000 pick to win Super Bowl 51 to a +1500 selection. The Indianapolis Colts have gone from a +2000 pick to +2500 while the Kansas City Chiefs have remained as a +2500 pick throughout the offseason. The loss of starting quarterback Teddy Bridgewater has dropped the Minnesota Vikings from a +2500 pick to a +3000 selections while the loss of Dallas Cowboys starter Tony Romo has dropped Dallas from a +2550 pick to +3000. Last but not least, the Houston Texans have gone from a +5000 afterthought to a more realistic +4000 pick while the New York Giants have gone from a +5000 pick to +2500. Make sure you keep abreast of any changes to the Super Bowl 51 team or teams of your choice to make sure you get the best value possible.  
Team Odds
New England Patriots  7/1
Green Bay Packers  7/1
Seattle Seahawks  8/1
Pittsburgh Steelers  10/1
Carolina Panthers  10/1
Arizona Cardinals  12/1
Denver Broncos  15/1
Cincinnati Bengals  20/1
Kansas City Chiefs  25/1
Indianapolis Colts  25/1
New York Giants  25/1
Minnesota Vikings  30/1
Dallas Cowboys  30/1
Oakland Raiders  30/1
Baltimore Ravens  35/1
Houston Texans  40/1
Washington Redskins  50/1
Jacksonville Jaguars  60/1
New York Jets  60/1
New Orleans Saints  65/1