NFL Week 16 Must Bet Games - 2018 Season

NFL Week 16 Must Bet Games – 2018 Season

Written by on July 25, 2018

The final two weeks of the season are often when the true craziness starts in the NFL. Divisions can be won and lost, while Wild Card spots can be filled at the very last moment. There are sure to be a number of teams out of the playoff picture at this stage of the season, yet they can still play the role of the spoiler and upset the apple cart for those teams on the bubble. This is also the stage of the season where handicapping can become a little tougher, as some of the teams who have already punched their playoff ticket might start think about resting some guys. There is a lot to take into account when NFL Week 16 rolls around, so let’s take a look at some of the games from that week that should be on your must bet list.

NFL Week 16 Must Bet Games – 2018 Season

Houston Texans vs Philadelphia Eagles

There are a few really good looking dark horse teams coming into this season, and it’s fair to suggest that the Houston Texans are among that group. Their 4-win season in 2017 was more about the injuries they suffered than anything else, and if they can stay healthy this season, there is no reason why they cannot head into double-digit win territory. They will head to Philly to face the Super Bowl champion Eagles on what is arguably the game of the week. The Eagles are a solid pick to win the East, but we all know how tough it can be to go out and defend the crown.NFL Week 6 Betting Pick: Eagles

Atlanta Falcons vs Carolina Panthers

Last season, the NFC South had a bit of a scheduling quirk that saw the majority of the divisional games come in the second half of the season. The same is going to be true this season, and if this division is as close as it was in 2017, the race for the lead is going to go right down to the wire. The Panthers finished ahead of the Falcons last season, although both teams did make it into the postseason. It could well be more of the same this year, and this game may be crucial in deciding the division winner and eventual playoff seeding.NFL Week 6 Betting Pick: Panthers

Pittsburgh Steelers vs New Orleans Saints

Are the Saints a safe bet for NFL Week 16?Could we be looking at a potential Super Bowl 53 preview with this one? There is a very good reason to believe that these two teams are going to be in the mix once the postseason comes around, and it would not be a total shock to see these two teams hook up in the Super Bowl. Weird things can happen in the NFL, but you feel that the Steelers should have the AFC North close to sealed up by this point, while the Saints may still be in a dogfight in the NFC South.NFL Week 6 Betting Pick: Saints

Denver Broncos vs Oakland Raiders

The Monday night game in Week 16 falls on Christmas Eve, and what better way to ring in the season than with a divisional match-up that could be for all the marbles. Both of these teams are coming off sub-par seasons, and both have made changes, both on the field and off, that they believe will help turn their fortunes around. If they do both make big improvements this season, this could well prove to be a game that goes a long way towards deciding who wins the AFC West.NFL Week 6 Betting Pick: Raiders