Best ATS Betting Picks for NFL Wild Card Weekend

Written by on January 6, 2016

This Wild Card Weekend feature a myriad of great betting matchups. A few of these teams are great potential dark horses to win the entire championship, which is something that rarely happens. On this page we’re going to take a peek at the best ATS picks during wild card weekend. Remember to check back here on for updated odds – they’re surely fluctuating a lot during this week with tons of bettors capitalizing on NFL Wild Card weekend betting action.

NFL Wild Card Weekend ATS Betting Pick: Cincinnati Bengals vs the Pittsburgh Steelers

The Bengals come into this game missing their star quarterback, Andy Dalton (if you’d call him that). The Steelers come in on a roll, with their offense clicking on all cylinders. This sounds like a terrible scenario, but when you think about it the Bengals aren’t really in a bad place. They’ve been playing fairly well, and although Dalton is hurt, they still have the rest of their team. The Steelers are also without Le’Veon Bell, and Deangelo Williams is questionable. The Bengals have the second ranked defense in the entire NFL in points against, and just as long as they can stop Ben Roethlesberger, they should win this game. It also helps that the Bengals are surely motivated after four straight first-round losses. I’d go with the Bengals here +3 if you want a safe pick.

NFL Wild Card Weekend ATS Betting Pick: The Minnesota Vikings vs the Seattle Seahawks

Here’s a game that nobody is thinking to take the Vikings in. They instantly receive a 5 point handicap, although I’d personally wait on this game for another day or two to see if the line goes up to 6 or 7 points before hopping on the Vikings. The Seahawks are playing great football, but you have to remember that the Vikings are too. They just thrashed a Green Bay Packers team in Lambeau Field, and are facing the Seahawks at home this week. To choose the Vikings, you just need to remember that they are for real. There’s a reason that they won the NFC North. Choosing them with 5 points right now is hardly crazy: it’s actually a smart pick.
The Green Bay Packers will have to beat the Washington Redskins to move up to the NFL playoffs

NFL Wild Card Weekend ATS Betting Pick: The Green Bay Packers vs the Washington Redskins

This is the most popular ATS pick of the week for most NFL bettors. The Packers in the playoffs is a force to be reckoned with, even though they’ve been destroyed by NFC West teams each of the past few seasons. Some fans have lost faith in the Packers, but you have to remember what this matchup really is. Aaron Rodgers vs Kirk Cousins facing an improved Packers defense in the playoffs. Most experts are choosing the Packers straight up. I like them +1 point as well.The Texans aren’t a very good ATS pick in my opinion so I didn’t mention them in this post. The Chiefs are rolling and have so many different random options that pop out at any given time. The Texans haven’t figured out their offense yet this season and it’s hard to choose them, even if you were given five points.To recap quick: I chose the Vikings, Packers, and Bengals ATS in this wild card weekend.
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