Latest Win-Loss Predictions For Every AFC Division Team

Latest Win-Loss Predictions For Every AFC Division Team

Written by on August 23, 2016

If you are looking to place your wagers in the latest NFL betting lines and odds for the upcoming season, here is an updated list and preview of the win-loss totals you should consider for your betting tickets in the AFC conference.

Analyzing The Latest Win-Loss Predictions For Every AFC Division Team



Buffalo Bills, Prediction: 8-8
The Buffalo Bills have a good defense but Tyrod Taylor and his offense haven’t proved capable of going the distance. Another average season, most likely 8-8 or worse, should thus be in the offing here.

Miami Dolphins, Prediction: 7-9
Miami has too many defensive holes in both its running and passing games, while the offensive backfield is a high-risk, high-reward situation that we can’t predict with any precision. But most worrying of all, QB Ryan Tannehill is still uncomfortable in the pocket, and that will definitely put the clamps on the receiving corps in Miami. You add up all that, it doesn’t look like Miami will be making any positive progress from its finish in 2015.

New England Patriots, Prediction: 11-5
Jimmy Garoppolo has a couple of things he needs to clean up ahead of Week 1, but he should do just fine in the regular season now that New England has an above-average defense and a good running game to support him in Tom Brady’s absence. And then, once Brady is back, it should be business as usual, with the Pats making a double-digit win season (10-to-12 wins)

New York Jets, Prediction: 9-7
The Jets have Ryan Fitzpatrick in the fold and that’s a good thing for continuity in the offense. Darrelle Revis and gang should equally be good in the defense, giving the Jets much-needed balance on both sides of the ball and making them the biggest sleepers in the AFC North. Still, with challenging games at Buffalo, vs. New England (twice) and at Miami, along with other tough non-divisional tilts; I count 6-7 losses for New York.


Denver Broncos, Prediction: 10-6
No one takes the preseason seriously, but I have seen enough of Mark Sanchez, Paxton Lynch and Trevor Siemian in Denver’s offense to believe that the post Peyton Manning and Brock Osweiler era in Denver will be more than fine. It’s not like these QBs can throw it like Brady and Big Ben, it’s just that Denver’s defense is just too damn good, and that will keep the Broncos efficient. So at the very least, you should expect 10 wins for this Denver team that has the potential to actually sail past that mark rather comfortably.

Kansas City Chiefs, Prediction: 10-6
It is going to take a hell of a season and a lot of luck for the Chiefs to win 10 straight games like they did last season. Even so, Alex Smith, Kansas City’s talent-laden offensive backfield and the Chiefs’ resurgent defense from 2015 will ensure that this team hits the double-digit win mark by Week 17.

Oakland Raiders, Prediction, 9-7
Derek Carr and Oakland look REALLY GOOD on paper, and I have them as solid sleepers in the AFC West race. The offense is loaded and the defense has new solid additions. The problem, though, is that KC, Denver and even San Diego will steal around 3 victories from the Raiders, while the likes of Carolina, Denver, Atlanta and even Baltimore will cause all kinds of headaches in the non-divisional schedule. So, while I foresee a possible winning season for the Raiders, I wouldn’t go as far as pegging them for a double-digit win season, hence the 9-7 prediction.

San Diego Chargers, Prediction: 7-9
Philip Rivers will definitely throw for 4,500 yards, give or take 100 yards, and RB Melvin Gordon and gang will play better than they did in 2015, but the old San Diego defensive demons will come back and haunt the team, considering this team did not do enough to exorcize those demons in the offseason. No more than 7 wins, I therefore predict, for San Diego.


Baltimore Ravens, Prediction: 8-8
Joe Flacco and the Ravens are due for a bounce-back season, but the weapons in Baltimore’s offense and defense are rather inadequate to see the Ravens fly above the 8-win mark. Oh, and there is also the long list of injuries from Baltimore’s training camp, making it hard to have high expectations on this team that underwhelmed mightily in the face of injuries last season.

Cincinnati Bengals, Prediction: 11-5
Andy Dalton is coming off a career year, Cincy’s defense is solid and the offense has enough weapons (A. J. Green et al.) to keep Dalton effective. Add that to the positive coaching changes in Cincinnati, the Bengals should be due for another 10-plus wins campaign.

Cleveland Browns, Prediction: 6-10
Why are we talking about the Browns? Oh, that’s right… Robert Griffin III will be good and that will lead to a decent number of wins. Just don’t get too sold on the RG3 dream; every cloud has a silver lining, and Griffin’s is no different.

Pittsburgh Steelers, Prediction: 10-6
From the suspensions of starting RB Le’Veon Bell and starting WR Martavis Bryant to the concerning situation of Pittsburgh’s second and third stringers (see NFL preseason Week 1 and Week 2 for reference); the Steelers won’t be having it all smooth as many sportsbooks are favoring them to do in the 2016 NFL Lines. No doubt, Ben Roethlisberger, Antonio Brown and Pitt’s above-average defense will keep the Steelers among the top teams in the AFC North—and the league at large—but the aforementioned challenges will almost certainly limit the team’s winning ceiling.


Houston Texans, Prediction 10-6
I really like Houston’s defense and its potential to rank among the best in this division and possibly the AFC conference. Even with J.J. Watt banged up, the havoc-wreaking Jadeveon Clowney and company should be more than capable of keeping the team in order. I am, however, a bit reserved on expecting a lot from the Brock Osweiler-led offense. The talent is there, but Osweiler is far from proven and his backups (Tom Savage and presumably Brandon Weeden) are not any better. Nonetheless, after two back-to-back 9-7 season with average QBs at the helm of the team, I’d be willing to gamble on the Osweiler upgrade (plus the bevy of weapons in the running and passing games to support him) to bump the Texans to an improved 10-win mark.

Indianapolis Colts, Prediction: 9-7
Indy has an All-star QB in Andrew Luck, and that means a lot to Indy’s AFC South title credentials, along with a chance for the Colts to get back to a double-digit win season. The problem, though, is that Indianapolis’ young defense is filled with too many boom-or-bust candidates and even the addition of a veteran like Antonio Cromartie comes as a mixed bag of goodies, thus making it hard to figure out the team’s exact potential in 2016. So, to be on the safe side, I’d recommend going out on a limb on anywhere between 9 and 11 wins for the Colts, depending on how you feel about the whole Indy issue. Personally, I am a bit reserved on buying into the Indy defense, so I will go with a 9-win mark, keeping in mind the fact that all teams in this division will be improved in 2016 and pretty tough to beat.

Jacksonville Jaguars, Prediction 7-9
There’s just so far Blake Bortles can throw the ball and compensate for the team’s thin O-line iffy defense. The Jags rebuilding agenda will take a step forward in 2016, but don’t dream of anything above the 8-win mark, at least until Jacksonville sorts out its very poor record when playing away from home

Tennessee Titans, Prediction: 5-11
Marcus Mariota and his Thunder-and-Thunder running back combo of Derrick Henry and DeMarco Murray will shine and keep the Titans competitive on the offensive side of the ball, only for the Tennessee’s lacking defense to drag the team down. 5 wins at best and nothing more is therefore my prediction here.