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Pro Football Teams With The Worst Win Total Betting Odds

Written by on May 9, 2016

If you’re planning on betting on the recently released 2016 NFL regular season win total odds and you’re looking to avoid betting on teams whose odds are difficult to predict, then you’re going to enjoy the expert NFL lines analysis you’re going to get on the handful of teams with the worst win total odds for the upcoming campaign. Some of these teams may be legitimate Super Bowl title contenders in 2016 while others will most certainly not. The one thing that each of the following teams has in common is that predicting their win total in 2016 against their win total odds, is going to be a difficult task. With that said, let’s get started.

Pro Football Teams With The Worst Win Total Betting Odds

Buffalo Bills – 8 Wins

Like almost every team he’s been at the helm of in his NFL head coaching career, the Buffalo Bills underachieved in a big way in 2015! The Bills have tough home dates this coming season against Arizona and Pittsburgh and difficult road games against Seattle and Cincinnati, not to mention their two divisional dates against New England. Is it possible that the Bills could win nine games? Yes it is…it’ just not likely if you ask me.

New York Giants (7.5)

The Giants (6-10) have missed the playoff in each of the last three seasons, but I’m still not too sure they made the right move by firing future Hall of Famer Tom Coughlin and replacing him with inexperienced offensive coordinator Ben McAdoo. The Giants lost five games by three points or less last season, so clearly they’re not as far from contending as is my appear. Still, the G-Men should finish somewhere right around 7-9 wins, making them one of the more difficult teams to predict as far as their 2016 win total odds.

Philadelphia Eagles (7.5)

Clearly, the Philadelphia Eagles’ front office personnel is absolutely clueless on how to build a winning football team! While I like the hiring of new head coach Doug Pederson and I think he’ll eventually fare well, the fact of the matter is that predicting Philly’s win total for the upcoming 2016 regular season is difficult to say the lest. The Eagles have difficult home dates against Pittsburgh, Minnesota and Green Bay and equally daunting road dates against all three of their division rivals, not to mention, Seattle, Cincinnati and Baltimore. I say the Eagles finish right around their seven-win O/U total mark in 2016.

Jacksonville Jaguars (6.0)

Jacksonville showed some serious fortitude late in the regular season a year ago and I believe the Jags are only going to get better moving forward. Still, predicting their 2016 win total is a difficult proposition. Outside of their four division matchups against Indianapolis and Houston, the Jags have some tough home games ahead against Green Bay, Baltimore, Denver and Minnesota and imposing road games against Kansas City and Buffalo. Jacksonville could very well reach the seven-win plateau – or they could finish with a half-dozen wins or less, making their 2016 win total odds a very close call.

San Diego Chargers (7.0)

San Diego (4-12) took a huge step backwards in 2015, but they do have an elite quarterback in Philip Rivers and a running back that should make great strides this coming season in Melvin Gordon. Still, I expect the Bolts to finish right around their seven-win Over/Under total in 2016, making them one of the more difficult teams to predict moving forward.
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