NHL Updates of the Week – September 9th Edition

NHL Updates of the Week – September 9th Edition

Written by on September 9, 2019

The 2019 NHL Preseason starts this Sunday on September 15. Doesn’t seem like much time passed between St. Louis’s stunning Stanley Cup victory over the Boston Bruins and the beginning of preseason, right? Because hockey is just about to start, we had better keep up to date on what’s happening in the league where they play games on ice.

NHL Updates of the Week – September 9th Edition

Hughes Scores in Debut for Devils

Jack Hughes, the top pick in the NHL Draft this year, got a goal in a New Jersey Devils’ prospect game loss to the Buffalo Sabres on Sep. 6. Hughes showed the scoring touch that made him the first pick in the draft.

Almost as important? He asked the correct questions and kept his mind on the game even though the Sabres went up 6-3. He made some mistakes, losing a faceoff that led to a goal, and giving up the puck at his own blue line, but overall he played okay. We might not see him in the NHL for a while, though.

Gardiner Signs with Hurricanes

This past Friday, former Toronto Maple Leafs defenseman Jake Gardiner signed a 4-year, $4.05 million annual salary deal with the Carolina Hurricanes. The Canes made out with this deal. Earlier this summer, they traded away left side defenseman Calvin de Haan.

Not only is Gardiner considered a better all-around defenseman than Haan, Carolina will pay Gardiner less than what they payed Haan. Gardiner also played major minutes for the Toronto Maple Leafs.

Gardiner could have gotten more had he signed earlier. Waiting until September, when preseason is just about to start, is never a great move for a player.

For the Hurricanes, Gardiner is gravy. The Hurricanes had a good defense before signing him. It’s even better now.

40-year-ol Joe Thornton Returns to San Jose

Joe Thornton decided to play another year with the San Jose Sharks. Thornton’s one of the most important players in Sharks’ history. He arrived in 2005. He won the Hart Trophy in his first season in San Jose.

He also led the Sharks to back-to-back Western Conference Finals. He led them to the Stanley Cup 3 seasons ago where they lost to Pittsburgh. Having Joe back for another year is a good thing for San Jose and their fans.

National Hockey League Players Association Undecided About CBA

The NHLPA has yet to decide if they wish to continue with the current collective bargaining agreement or not. 50 players sat down in Chicago on Sep. 4 to discuss exactly what to do with the current CBA.

Players have until this Sunday, Sep. 15, to decide if they wish to reopen the current agreement. By doing so, they start the clock ticking towards a potential stoppage next year. The last time NHL owners and players headed to the bargaining table, in 2012-2013, the season got postponed. NHL only played 48 regular season games.

The decision on Sunday is a big deal. What will the players decide? Stay tuned!

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