2020 NHL All-Star Skills Competition Odds, Preview & Predictions.

2020 NHL All-Star Skills Competition Odds, Preview & Predictions

Written by on January 23, 2020

The Stanley Cup champion St. Louis Blues host the NHL All-Star festivities this weekend. The All-Star Game(s) are Saturday night, while the NHL All-Star Skills Competition is Friday. Here’s a look at the latter. Check back for Mybookie NHL odds full list of competitors in each Skills event.

2020 NHL All-Star Skills Competition Odds, Preview & Predictions

  • When: Friday, 8 PM ET
  • Where: Enterprise Center in St. Louis
  • TV: NBC Sports Network
  • Live Stream: NBC Sports Live

Fastest Skater

Eight players will compete in this event. Each will be timed for one full lap around the rink. The skater may choose the direction of their lap and can be positioned a maximum of three feet behind the start line located on the penalty box side of the center red line.

The skater must start on the referee’s whistle and the timing clock will start when the skater crosses the start line. The fastest skater is the winner. Pretty simple. Edmonton’s Connor McDavid won last year at 13.378 seconds.

Save Streak

A minimum of four goalies and all 36 skaters will participate in the Save Streak, a shootout grouped by division where goalies compete to make the most consecutive saves. Each goalie will face one opposing division and a minimum of nine scoring attempts.

Each scoring attempt is officiated in accordance with NHL shootout rules and begins on the referee’s whistle. The goalie with the longest consecutive save streak during his time in net is the winner. If the last of the original nine shooters — which will be the captain — is stopped, the netminder keeps facing shooters until a goal is scored because their turn cannot end on a save.

The Rangers’ Henrik Lundqvist won last year with 12 straight saves.

Accuracy Shooting

Eight players will compete in this, a timed event where a shooter is positioned 25 feet from the goal line and shoots pucks at target images that appear on an LED screen placed on the goal line.

Time will start at the referee’s whistle and each player will shoot pucks at the target images, which will disappear from the screen after being successfully hit. The clock stops when the player has successfully hit all target images.

The 2020 NHL All-Star Skills Competition should be fun.

The player who hits all images in the fastest time wins. Boston’s David Pastrnak won last year in 11.309 seconds.

Hardest Shot

At least four players compete and each gets two shots on goal 30 fee from the net in the center of the ice. Starting no further than the nearest blue line, the shooter may skate towards the puck and shoot it from its positioned spot into the goal.

Shots must be on goal and all will be measured in miles per hour. Washington’s John Carlson won last year at 102.8 mph.

New Events

Shooting Stars and the Elite Women’s 3-on-3 are new this year. In the latter, Team USA face Team Canada in the 20-minute contest (two 10-minute periods). The players here have a combined 39 Olympic and 108 World Championship medals. Each team has nine skaters and one goalie.

All penalties will be “served” with a penalty shot being awarded to the player specifically fouled. The coaches on each side are Hall of Famers: Cammi Granato (USA) and Jayna Hefford (Canada).

The Shooting Stars features eight total NHL All-Stars, one American Elite Women’s All-Star team member, and one Canadian Elite Women’s All-Star team member.

Each player is positioned on an elevated platform behind the goal, approximately 30 feet above the ice surface, where they will shoot pucks at a variety of targets located on the ice. One at a time, each player will attempt seven shots and earn points for each target hit. All scoring denominations will be decided by the on-ice officials.