Odds on Which Sport Will Play a Regular-Season or Playoff Game First

Odds on Which Sport Will Play a Regular-Season or Playoff Game First

If you’re a sports-loving fanatic that is in agony over the suspension of NBA basketball, the failure to launch the 2020 MLB regular season and the possibility that it could potentially affect the start of the 2020 NFL regular season, then you’re not alone.

More importantly, if you’re wondering when each league will resume play and you think you may have a good idea of when that could happen, then you’re going to have a great chance to potentially cash in on some value-packed odds surrounding the possible return of all four leagues.

Let’s take a look at the most recent Sports odds you may be able to find while I offer up some expert thoughts in when each league could resume its real-life seasons.

Odds on Which Sport Will Play a Regular-Season or Playoff Game First

  • MLB +200
  • NBA +200
  • NHL +210
  • MLS +375

Of the four leagues featured in this wager, I’m going to say that the odds are quite reflective of the chances that Major League Baseball, the NBA and NHL all resume their regular season right around the same time when and if the restrictions from the coronavirus are lifted any time soon. The NHL was 70 games into its 82-game regular season when play was suspended. The NBA was about 65 games into its own, 82-game regular season schedule while the 2020 MLB regular season missed its March 26 start date.

However, with the COVID-19 outbreak almost certainly calling for several more weeks of social distancing and self quarantining, the likelihood is that the 2020 NHL season is in far more trouble when it comes to resuming play than either the NBA or MLB, mostly because hockey can’t be played in warm weather.

While Major League Soccer (MLS) was just two games into its 2020 regular season following its February 29 start date, and being a warm weather sport, I’m a bit surprised the odds for MLS resuming play are much longer than either the NBA or MLB.

Still, if I had to make a prediction here, I’m going with the NBA resuming play first simply because they have the best commissioner in all of sports and generally make wiser decisions than all of the other leagues combined. I suspect the NHL could be second out of complete desperation while MLS comes in third and MLB, fourth.

When Will The NBA Officially Resume The Regular-Season Schedule?

  • Before April 15, 2020 -115
  • After or on April 15, 2020

With current guidelines and the now, globally-recognized Dr. Fauci, calling for several more weeks of social distancing in order to limit the spread of the coronavirus, I’m going on record right now to say that there is absolutely no way the NBA resumes its regular season on, or prior to, April 15. If you can get this wager, it’s a virtual lock NBA betting buffs!

Pick: After April 15

Will March Madness Be Canceled?

  • Yes +165
  • No -220

Sure, the NCAA has already announced that March Madness has been canceled this year, but I’m hearing a bunch of rumors that say there’s still a small glimmer of hope that the annual national championship tournament could take place while being re-branded as ‘May Madness’. While oddsmakers look like they are expecting the show to go on in college basketball, I’m going to predict that the 2019-2020 college hoops season is officially over if the vast majority of the coronavirus restrictions aren’t lifted by the end of April. Despite the odds here, I say go with the ‘No’ selection.

Pick: No

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