Entertainment Betting Picks: Stranger Things Season 4 Volume 2 Odds & Predictions

Entertainment Betting Picks: Stranger Things Season 4 Volume 2 Odds & Predictions

Netflix hit Stranger Things will soon release Season 4’s final two episodes. Episode 8 and Episode 9 lands on Friday, July 1. Stranger Things’ fans can make a few bucks by placing bets on Season 4 options. Check out the Entertainment Betting Odds and predictions for Stranger Things Season 4 Volume 2. 

Entertainment Odds Are Out for the Season 4 Volume 2 of Stranger Things

Stranger Thing Odds Season 4 Volume 2

  • Premiere Date: Friday, July 1
  • TV / Streaming: Netflix

Will Eleven and Hopper Reunite in Season 4

  • Yes -400 vs No +250

Towards the end of Stranger Things Volume 1, Joyce and Murray had saved Hopper from the Russian prison. No doubt, the three amigos and Enzo, the Russian guard that was Hopper’s Demorgorgon fighting pal, will return to Hawkins. 

El’s situation is a bit more up in the air. She and Papa are working hard to get Eleven’s powers back. Still, even though Eleven is in Nevada, and Hopper remains in Russia, the two should end up seeing each other before Volume 2 ends.  

Stranger Things Pick: Yes 

What Episode Will Eleven Reunite with Mike Wheeler in Season 4

  • Chapter 8 -150 vs Chapter 9 +110

Mike, Will, Jonathan and Jonathan’s pot smoking buddy Argyle had discovered El’s whereabouts before the end of Volume 1. No doubt, the young couple will reunite before the end of Volume 2.

So the real question is when will Mike and El see each other again? Ep. 8 or Ep. 9? Mike was on his way to Nevada at the end of Episode 7. But that doesn’t mean they see each other in Episode 8.

In fact, there’s a chance they don’t see each other until Episode 9. So we’ll take a shot on the choice with better odds. 

Stranger Things Pick: Chapter 9

Who Will Nancy Wheeler Kiss First in Season 4

  • Steve Harrington -120 vs Jonathan Byers -120

Volume 1 is leading up to Nancy kissing Steve before Jonathan. Jonathan said he wasn’t going to leave his mom and his brother. 

So for Jonathan to say that it means the older Byers brother has already decided he and Nancy are kaput. More importantly, there was a scene in the third episode in Volume 1 where Dustin grilled Harrington on his feelings for Ms. Wheeler.

Then there’s the fact that Nancy and Steve were staring longingly at each other in Ep. 7. So Steve lands one on Wheeler’s lips, probably in Ep. 8 to bring Nancy back from Vecna’s mind trip that she was stuck in at the end of Volume 1.  

Stranger Things Pick: Steve Harrington 

Will Max Mayfield and Lucas Sinclair Kiss in Season 4

  • No -200 vs Yes +140

It doesn’t look like this happens. Lucas and Max had feelings for each other. But now, they appear to be nothing more than friends. 

Max almost died at Vecna’s hands in Volume 1. If she didn’t kiss Lucas at that point this season, there’s no way she kisses Lucas in Ep. 8 or Ep. 9. 

Stranger Things Pick: No