Sports Betting Options After Super Bowl LII

Sports Betting Options After Super Bowl LII

If you are like me, you probably set aside an extra little chunk of betting money so that you can take advantage of the staggering array of bets that are available on Super Bowl Sunday. Win or lose, there is always a little bit of a letdown once the final whistle blows, as it means the end of football for the season and a long layoff from wagering on the gridiron. This does not mean that you need to fold up your bankroll and go into sports betting hibernation, though, as there are plenty of other things to wager on before the next football season comes along. Let’s see if any of the following take your fancy.

Sports Betting Options After Super Bowl LII


Not only can you wager on the NBA games on the schedule every night of the week, the All-Star game is just a couple of weeks away now. There are always some fun bets on the board when the best in the game go head to head on All-Star Weekend, so why not get in on some of that sports betting action.

NCAA Basketball

Now is the time to get in on NCAA basketball betting, as you need to read up on which teams might be challenging for a national championship once March Madness begins. You have a few weeks to prepare yourself before wagering begins in earnest on the tournament, so why not start building your bankroll with all the great conference games coming in the next few weeks.


We have just had the All-Star Weekend in the NHL, which means that the second half of the season is now in full swing. This is when every game takes on a new level of importance, as the fight for playoff spots in the Eastern and Western Conferences are about to get truly nasty. If you don’t pay much attention, to hockey, you really should, as it’s a great sport to watch and wager on.


The majors are right around the corner, so now is the time to start brushing up on your golf betting by wagering on the tournaments that come every single weekend. Paying attention to these events helps you see which players are getting hot ahead of the Masters, which is the first major of the year.


Even on the quietest of sports days, you can bet that there is a soccer game being played somewhere. The European domestic leagues are heading into the home stretch, and we are only a few weeks away from the start of the new MLS season.The Premier League offers a ton of Sports Betting Options.We also have the World Cup to look forward to this summer, so there is plenty of soccer action to keep you busy until football returns.


This weekend is the perfect time to start thinking about wagering on tennis, as it is the opening round of the Davis Cup. Most of the Grand Slam events are still ahead of us, so there is a lot to look forward to in the coming weeks and months.

Horse Racing

Head into the racebook on any given day and you will see a whole slew of tracks to choose from. Betting on the ponies is the ultimate challenge of your wagering skill, as it is tough to consistently pick winners. When you lose a race, the next one is always only a few minutes away, giving you plenty of opportunities to win.