Six Great Ways and Winning Tips for Tennis Betting

Six Great Ways and Winning Tips for 2017 Tennis Betting

Written by on July 25, 2017

If you’re a tennis betting enthusiast that is in awe of Roger Federer’s incredible 2017 season and you just can’t wait for the start of the upcoming 2017 U.S. Open, then join the club, you’re certainly not alone. With the G.O.A.T. (greatest of all-time) enjoying one of the best seasons of his career, all eyes will be on Fed as he tries to go 3-for-3 in grand slam tournaments this season. Better yet, if you’re looking to cash in on the fourth and final major tournament of the year, then you’re going to find out that there is more than one way to do just that, thanks to the six-pack of great ways to bet on tennis that I’m about to explain. With the bright lights and nighttime tennis about to take over in New York in just about a month, let’s find out just how many ways you can make a profit by betting on tennis.

A Closer Look At The Six Great Ways and Winning Tips for 2017 Tennis Betting


Pick The Match Winner

Picking the outright winner of a match is the easiest way on tennis betting. One player will be favored while the other is the underdog. Let’s say Roger Federer is matched up against Gael Monfils in the quarterfinal round of the upcoming 2017 U.S. Open. You might see odds that have Fed as a -320 pick against the athletic Frenchman, who could be something like a +200 pick to pull off the upset. Backing the sweet-swinging Swiss will cost you $320 to win $100 while backing Monfils will cost you $100 and bring you a $200 return if he does pull off the stunner.

Games Handicapping

Okay, so using the same match between Federer and Monfils, you may see some odds that have Federer as a -5-game favorite. If you like Federer at -5 games, you’re banking on him to beat Monfils by at least six total games and vice versa if you like Monfils. A final score with Federer winning 6-3, 7-5, 6-4 would get it done for you with the now, World No. 3 winning the first set by three games, the second set by two games and the third and final set, also by two games for a total of a seven-game margin. If you backed Monfils and he wins outright or loses by five games or less, you’d end up in the money. Gael Monfils tennis betting odds for US Open.

Total Number of Games

You can also bet on the total number of games in a match, which is akin to betting the Over/under total in other sports. Let’s say, we use the same score from the hypothetical Federer vs. Gaël Monfils match and the total was set at 30 games. You simply add the total number of games for each set to arrive at your figure. In this case, a 6-3, 7-5, 6-4 win by Federer would have been 31 total games to narrowly top the 30-game total you originally bet on. If you’re expecting a tight match that could go four or five sets, then the Over would be the likely pick for you. However, if you’re expecting a quick demolition, then you’d probably want to go with the Under.

First Set Betting

First set betting is just what it implies – betting on the first set alone. Back the player you like most to win the first set and watch your bankroll increase if you nail the wager.

Set Betting

With set betting, you pick the player you like to win and by how many sets. You may see odds at a five-set grand slam that look something like like Federer 3-0 or Federer 3-1 or Monfils 3-2 or Monfils 3-1. If you pick Federer to win 3-0 and he does that, you’re in the money. Any other outcome will be a losing wager.

Props Betting

Props can be one of the most exciting ways to wager on tennis betting because there are some fun-filled odds like which player will serve the most aces or how many double faults will occur in the match. Just remember, while these props bets increase your excitement exponentially, they can also be a bit more difficult to nail.

Futures Betting

As an aside, I’m also going to tell you about Futures Odds betting, especially since you can bet on the winner of the 2017 U.S. Open right now. Federer is a 3/1 pick at many books with Rafael Nadal a 9/2 second pick and Andy Murray, a 6/1 pick. Futures odds betting generally offers stupendous odds no matter if you’re picking one of the top favorites or a longer shot selection.