How to Place a Secure Bet on Wimbledon’s Championship

How to Place a Secure Bet on Wimbledon’s Championship

Written by on June 29, 2016

There is nothing quite like a nice serving of strawberries and cream while you sit back and watch Wimbledon playing out over in England. Of all the Grand Slam tournaments, it may well be this one that gets the most attention, probably because of the tradition and history that is attached to it. Even people who are not huge tennis fans will tune in during the two weeks of action, and a fair few of those folk may even want to put on a little wager to make all of the games they watch that much more exciting. There are a lot of places where you can get your tennis online betting kicks, but not all are as secure or safe as others. If you do plan on making a wager during the Wimbledon Championship, you will want to make sure that you do so in a secure environment, which is exactly what you get at

Let’s Review How to Place a Secure Bet on Wimbledon’s Championship

What Wimbledon Bets Can You Make?

While many tennis fans like to make a wager on the winner on both the men’s’ and women’s side of the tournament, there are many more who like to get in on the action on a daily basis. You will find a full list of live odds for all of the games being played on a specific day, and you can choose to bet on individual games, or perhaps put together 2 or 3 games into a parlay ticket that will deliver some very nice payouts indeed. It’s as simple as choosing your winner(s) from the list of games, selecting your wager amount, and then placing the ticket. Almost as soon as the game has been completed, your wagers will be graded, and your winnings places into your account. If you are a big fan of tennis, this is the time of year when you can really start to use your knowledge of the game to build your bankroll.

Are There Any Wimbledon Wagering Restrictions?

While there is a chance that a game could go off later than the scheduled time, you still need to get your wager on at the time listed on the betting page. Once that time passes, the match-up will be removed and you will have missed your chance to win. Another thing to keep in mind is that injuries or disqualifications can have an effect on your wager. If a player bows out of a match before two sets have been completed, that ticket will be voided, and your wager will be returned. If you know that one particular player has been dealing with a niggling injury, you may want to skip that match and try another. You don’t lose any money if the players pulls out, but it’s still something of a wasted bet. There is a ton of great match-up information to be found on the blog, so be sure to use that when trying to figure out which way to go with all of your Wimbledon wagers.
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