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Eye-Opening NFL and NCAAF Online Betting Breakdown: Who’s Bringing Home the Bacon!

Written by on October 23, 2015

If you’re a online sportsbook enthusiast that is looking to boost the annual betting bankroll on either NFL or NCAA collegiate gridiron action, then you’re in for an eye-opening treat! You see, this fun-filled, yet expert online betting analysis on both gridiron genres is designed to help you maximize your wagers on both, the college and pro game. With all of that said, let’s get started.

NCAAF Betting Analysis

With the 2015 NCAA college football season reaching its unofficial halfway point and collegiate gridiron gaming enthusiasts everywhere salivating over their second half wagering possibilities, this nation-wide betting breakdown is just what the doctor ordered!

No Home Cooking This Season!

Michigan State vs Michigan
The first thing that all college football gaming aficionados need to know is that simply backing a team because they’re playing at home apparently doesn’t mean very much this season, whether they’re favored or not. Home teams are bringing home the bacon just 48.5 percent of the time (220-233-7) while home favorites have been just slightly better in cashing in 50.3 percent of the time (163-161-5)

Elite Can Be Beat!

When it comes to elite, Top 20 teams, you may want to avoid betting on some of college football’s best national title contenders this season. Unheralded Central Michigan (7-0 ATS, 3-4 SU) has the best ATS record in the nation right now, followed by Toledo (5-0-1 ATS, 6-0 SU), Southern Mississippi (6-1 ATS, 4-3 SU) and finally, a name we all know, Notre Dame (6-1 ATS, 6-1 SU).
Stanford CardinalThe Stanford Cardinal have been elite both in terms of winning games straight up and covering the spread (5-1 ATS, 5-1 SU) and along with Navy (4-1 ATS, 4-1 SU) and South Florida (4-1-1 ATS, 3-3 SU) are all a nearly perfect against the spread. Iowa (5-2 ATS, 7-0 SU), Florida (5-2 ATS, 6-1 SU) and BYU (5-2 ATS, 5-2 SU) all sitting at 5-2 ATS.
Utah UtesA handful of other teams that are or were inside the top 20 all sit at 4-2 ATS, including surprising AAC teams Houston and Temple, along with Pac-12 title hopefuls Utah and California.

NFL Betting Analysis

With the 2015 NFL regular season nearing its official midway point, this look at everything that has transpired from a betting perspective will either help remedy some of your first-half betting troubles or increase your chances of continuing what has been a successful wagering campaign so far.

Who let the dogs out?

St Louis Rams
As far as covering the ATS spread is concerned, you should know that it’s all about the dogs! Underdogs are cashing in a consistent 55.06 percent of the time this season (49-40-2) and that no group of teams is cashing in as well as Away underdogs are at an impressive 56.67 percent rate (34-26-1). Hell, even Home underdogs are bringing home the bacon 51.72 percent of the time (15-14-1), making the first half-dozen games of the 2015 season all about the Underdogs.

On the Road Again!

Carolina Panthers  
Oh, and if you didn’t know, Away teams have cashed in 53.93 percent of the time this season (48-41-2) with home faves rarely breaking the bank at just 43.33 percent.

SU Home Cooking!

Green Bay Packers
When it comes to SU Moneyline wagers, as usual, home teams are a simple route to a winning wager. Home teams are cashing in 54.95 percent of the time (50-41) while Home favorites are winning 62.30 percent of their games (38-23).

Elite Teams Getting ‘Er Done!

Cincinnati Bengals
Last but not least, the betting on the best teams in the league so far has been a really good idea. Three of the top five ATS teams in the league so far have yet to lose a game (Cincinnati 5-0-1 ATS, Green Bay 5-1 ATS and Carolina 4-1 ATS), leaving the Denver Broncos (4-2 ATS) as the only unbeaten team with more than one ATS loss.
New York JetsThe Pittsburgh Steelers (5-0-1 ATS), New York Jets (4-1 ATS), Minnesota Vikings (4-1 ATS), Atlanta Falcons (4-2 ATS) and Arizona Cardinals (4-2 ATS)round out the league’s top nine ATS teams while the feisty Cleveland Browns (4-2 ATS, 2-4 SU) are the only team inside the ATS Top 10 to have lost at least three games straight up.