Travis Pastrana Channels Evel Knievel in 'Evel Live' Showcase

Travis Pastrana Channels Evel Knievel in ‘Evel Live’ Showcase

Travis Pastrana To Channel Evel Knievel Sunday In ‘Evel Live’ Showcase – Bettors Aim To Take Ultimate Gamble

 New York, NY- Travis Pastrana is set to channel Evel Knievel on Sunday as he attempts to surpass the stunt legend’s leap of 50 crushed cars, 14 buses (lining up 16 behind Planet Hollywood, Paris and Bally’s), giving fans the ultimate show as he caps the night with a shot at the Caesars Palace fountains in Las Vegas, NV. Fans of the motocross champion and illustrious stuntman are revved up at the idea that their man will make history and land the death-defying jumps. Speculation as to his chances of success have gone through the roof, with fans across the country looking for answers. The largest most accurate sportsbook on the web, MyBookie.AG posted odds on every possible outcome at ‘Evel Live’. 
“Travis Pastrana is a legendary motocross champion,” stated MyBookie.AG head linesmaker David Strauss.  “And he has become perhaps more famous as stunt legend in his own right. Will he make history this weekend or will the results be cringe-worthy?  Only time will tell, but his fans are already lining up to lay their money down in hopes that he is successful and comes out unscathed.”
 Oddsmakers at MyBookie.AG posted the following odds on ‘Evel Live’: (Source: Travis Pastrana successfully jump 16 Greyhound Buses?
  • Yes 1/3 (-300)
  • No 2/1 (+200)
 Will Travis Pastrana successfully jump 52 Cars?
  • Yes 2/5 (-250)
  • No 7/4 (+175)
 Will Travis Pastrana successfully jump the Caesars Palace Fountain?
  • Yes 4/6 (-150)
  • No 11/10 (+110)
 Where will Travis Pastrana land when attempting the Caesars Palace Fountain Jump?
  • Top of the Ramp (+300)
  • Middle of the Ramp (+150)
  • Bottom of the Ramp (+300)
  • Clears the Ramp (+400)
  • In the Fountain (+800)
 Will Travis Pastrana be wearing Evel’s classic “Stars and Stripes” outfit for the Fountain Jump? *Note: Pastrana’s outfit must have white stars in a blue V on the chest for Yes to be graded the winner*
  • Yes 1/3 (-300)
  • No 2/1 (+200)
 Will Travis Pastrana be wearing a “TP” Belt Buckle in honor of Evel Knievel during the Fountain Jump?
  • Yes 4/6 (-150)
  • No 11/10 (+110)
 Will Travis Pastrana successfully complete all of the 3 Jumps on July 8th?
  • Yes 5/6 (-120)
  • No 5/6 (-120)
 Will Travis Pastrana break any bones during the 3 Jumps on July 8th?
  • Yes 11/10 (+110)
  • No 4/6 (-150)
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