UFC 2020 Rumors & Betting News November 2nd Edition

UFC 2020 Rumors & Betting News November 2nd Edition

Written by on November 2, 2020

As is always the case on a Monday afternoon, we are all still thinking about what went down on the previous Saturday night in the UFC. This past weekend, the focus shifted back to Las Vegas, as the UFC returned to the mainland after a stint on Fight Island. We will talk about the UFC Vegas 12 card as we go along in this article, including trying to hash out whether last Saturday was the final time that we will see Anderson Silva step into the octagon. With that said, let’s jump right into action so you can keep doing your MMA bets against our UFC odds.

MMA 2020 Betting News & Rumors Update Nov. 2nd Edition

First off, though, we need to start things out by once again talking about Khabib. A large portion of our article last Monday was devoted to talking about his retirement, but it may well be that we have all spoken a little too soon. There is always a little bit of skepticism when a fighter announces that they are done in the moments immediately following a win or loss. Khabib seemed genuine enough in his retirement announcement, but the fact that Dana White says that there will be no vacant or interim Lightweight title suggests the Khabib may indeed be coming back for a shot at going 30-0, which was something that he talked about a couple of weeks ago.

From one retirement news story, we move to another, this time with Anderson Silva as the subject. He has not made any official announcement yet, but at 46 years of age and losses beginning to pile up, you get the sense that now would be the time to call it quits. You could argue that it is something he should have done a couple of years back. If Silva does decide to continue fighting, it will not be under the UFC banner, as Dana White has come out and said that he will not let the Brazilian fight there again. White is very much of the belief that it is time for Silva to call it a career.

If you watched the action on Saturday night, you may well have spotted Israel Adesanya sitting ringside. Chance are going to be seeing a lot more of him in 2021. Adesanya’s next fight will see him move up to Light Heavyweight to take a title shot at Jan Blachowicz. Adesanya knows what he wants after that fight, win or lose, which is a bout with Jon Jones. Adesanya wants to fight Jones in Allegiant Stadium in Las Vegas, as he is of the belief that a fight of that magnitude should be in front of a big crowd. We will need to wait and see on that one.

Speaking of Jon Jones, he has often made the headlines for all the wrong reasons. Over the weekend, video emerged of him chasing a suspected robber of his property while holding a shot gun. We are not sure if that was a scarier moment for the former champ or the robber, but what we do know is that we look forward to him making some headlines back in the octagon, sooner rather than later.

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