International Politics Odds: UK’s Johnson the Chalk to Get Slapped  

International Politics Odds: UK’s Johnson the Chalk to Get Slapped  

International political betting is back. The coronavirus pandemic sort of put a cork in the overseas political wagering wine bottle, but now that most nations are opening, and vaccination rates are up, we can feel safe in analyzing international politics odds. In this blog, we break down the Political odds for the next world leader, including prime ministers and presidents, likely to get a good old slap. 

Next World Leader to Be Slapped

International Politics

  • Cut-off: August 14, 2021

Next World Leader to Be Slapped 

  • Boris Johnson +700
  • Alexander Lukashenko +800
  • Abdel Fattah el-Sisi +1000
  • Joe Biden +1000
  • Justin Trudeau +1000
  • Nicolas Maduro +1000
  • Rodrigo Duterte +1000
  • Victor Orban +1000
  • Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador +1200
  • Mario Draghi +1200
  • Mark Rutte +1200
  • Scott Morrison +1400
  • Naftali Bennett +2000
  • Jacinda Ardern +3300
  • Shinzo Abe +3300
  • Angela Merkel +5000
  • Vladimir Putin +5000
  • Kim Jong Un +6600
  • Xi Jinping +6600
  • Mohammed Bin Salman +10000

Who has the better chance of being slapped first? Boris Johnson or Alexander Lukashenko?

Belarussian President Alexander Lukashenko deserves a serious slap, but he’s a dictator who in 2020 declared that he got 80% of the vote in an election. Nobody gets 80% of the vote. World leaders that claim they get 80% of the vote are often human versions of the Pentagon. 

It’s obvious Lukashenko won’t get slapped anytime soon. Boris Johnson, on the other hand, isn’t a dictator. 

Johnson is trying to push through a vaccine passport plan, which has caused mass protests throughout Europe. Also, the British are used to arguing with their leaders. There’s a great chance that Boris, whom most people despise, receives a hard slap. 

Among the +1000 choices, which world leaders have the best chance of receiving an open handed right cross?

Maduro and Duterte are strong men. Nicolas Maduro is the dictator of Venezuela. Like Lukashenko, Maduro won’t be close enough to anyone who would slap him. Same thing for the President of the Philippines, Rodrigo Duterte.

Biden deserves a slap. But it’s hard to hit Grandpa Joe when it’s so obvious the fella’s mind is on the decline. 

For Justin Trudeau, Canada’s Prime Minster, it’s a different story. Unlike Biden, who is old and awful, Trudeau is young and awful. 

Although Canadians aren’t known for slapping their leaders, one Canadian, or two, or, maybe, even three, could make an exception for the blisteringly insincere Trudeau.

First, he told his attorney general to intervene in a fraud case around a development group, SNC-Lavalin Inc. Then, photos showed up of the dude in blackface. Now, he’s running in an election that’s nothing more than a power grab for his party’s seats in parliament. 

Trudeau should soon expect a slap.    

If we had to back one of the underdogs on the board to get socked, who would it be?

Australia’s Scott Morrison is likely to receive a slap by next week if not within 24-hours. Morison is making a mess of the Aussie’s plan to fight COVID. He’s got less of a plan than Sleepy Joe’s.

But Morrison doesn’t really qualify as an underdog. Angela Merkel, the German Chancellor, does. Merkel is on her way out, which means someone might get brave enough to deliver a slap.

Not only that, but Merkel signed off on Nord Stream 2. What is Nord Stream 2? It’s an oil pipeline from Russia to Germany. It was supposed to go operational last year, but the U.S. had yet to give its blessing.

Enter the current, Russia-loving U.S. President to give the okay for Putin and his buddies to gain even more power in Europe via an oil pipeline. Merkel thinks it’s a good thing to do business with Vladimir. Someone, somewhere in Germany can’t agree. 

So, yeah, Angela could also get the first slap.   


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