2019 Democratic Debate Odds, Preview, and Analysis

2019 Democratic Debate Odds, Preview, and Analysis

The second set of Democratic Party candidates for President of the United States throw down on the debate stage tonight on CNN. While Elizabeth Warren and Bernie Sanders battled on Tuesday night, Kamal Harris and Joe Biden battle on Wednesday night. Check out the 2019 Democratic Debate prop odds, analysis, and free picks!

2019 Democratic Debate Odds, Preview, and Analysis

  • When: July 31, 8-10pm ET
  • Where: Fox Theatre, Detroit, MI
  • TV: CNN
  • Live Stream: Democrats.org

2019 Democratic Debate Prop Odds

How many times will Joe Biden Mention Obama?

“Sleepy” Joe Biden, as President Trump has gotten to calling Barack Obama’s former Vice President, has a single notch on his Democratic Candidate belt. He worked for Barack Obama. That’s really all he can say. If you look back at Biden’s record, it’s the most noticeable and only important thing he’s ever done in politics.

So, yes, he’s going to keep reminding people over and over and over again. “I worked for Obama. You love Obama. So, love me!”

Democratic Debate Pick: Over 2.5

Will Andrew Yang Wear a Tie for the Debate?

Andrew Yang is a Silicon Valley mold person running for president. If he wore a tie, he’d break the mold. Yang won’t break the mold. Plus, he probably looks stodgy wearing a tie and the last thing Yang wants to do is look like Joe Biden.

Democratic Debate Pick: No -450

Candidate Receiving Most Speaking Time on Wednesday

  • Kamal Harris +150
  • Joe Biden +200
  • Cory Booker +250
  • Julian Castro +500
  • Kirsten Gillibrand +750
  • Field (Any Other Candidate) +600

Harris and it shouldn’t be close. CNN wants Harris to win the nomination. That’s obvious based on how they talk about Sleepy Joe. They don’t give much love to any of the other candidates except Elizabeth Warren and Bernie Sanders. Since nobody likes Joe Biden, not really, they will want to allow Harris to make her case.

Plus, Harris has kept her name in the news while everyone else has sort of fallen to the side. Harris gets the most nods on Wednesday night.

Democratic Debate Pick: Kamala Harris +150

How Many Times President Trump Tweets During Wednesday’s Debate?

Trump could tweet three times, but what’s the point? More than likely, he makes two tweets. First, he tweets about how terrible Joe Biden looks. Then, he tweets about Kamala Harris’ likely stumbling answer on how she can pay for her Medicare For All Plan without taxing the middle class.

Democratic Debate Pick: Under 2 ½ +100

How Many Times Will Biden Say Trump?

Biden’s not running on any policy. He’s running on two things: he was Obama’s VP and he can beat Donald Trump. He’s going to pound that idea into the audience’s collective head. “I can beat Trump. Name anybody else running who can beat Donald. Anybody? No, you can’t, which is why you must vote for me.”

Democratic Debate Pick: Over 4 Trump -200

How Many Times Will A. Yang Say “1,000 Dollars”

Every candidate has their single issue to run on. Well, Biden doesn’t have an issue. He’s got a promise of taking down the Orange Scourge.

Yang’s promise is to give every person in the U.S. $1,000 a month on which to live. The idea has some merit, believe it or not. So, not only will Yang say “1,000 dollars” more than two times, he should say it more than two times.

Democratic Debate Pick: Over 1 ½ -160


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