U.S. Presidential Election Props - Political Betting News

2020 U.S. Presidential Election Props – Political Betting News

Written by on September 16, 2020

Presidential politics is heating up! Not only can political handicappers decide on which man, Joe Biden or Donald Trump, wins the U.S. Presidency on Nov. 3, but they can also wager on numerous prop bets. Check out a run down of some of the top prop wagers surrounding the 2020 U.S. Presidential Election so you can place your bets against their U.S Election odds!

Political News: U.S. Presidential Election Props Rundown

2020 U.S. Presidential Election

  • When: Tuesday, Nov. 3

Will Joe Biden participate in all 3 debates?

This depends on what you believe is wrong, or not wrong, with Joe Biden. Most agree that he’s a shell of the man that served as President Obama’s Vice President. But, many also feel that Sleepy Joe must attend all three debates. If he doesn’t, The Don most definitely will again start calling him Hidin’ Biden.

Will Joe Biden drop out before Nov. 1, 2020?

The safe bet is “No”. But, here’s the thing, if the Democrats feel Biden can’t beat Trump, they might have him drop out, concede the election to Donald, and then try to take him down in Trump’s second term. Also, as each day passes, Joe looks worse and worse. Pay attention to the first debate in two weeks. That will clue us in as to whether Biden drops out or not. 

Party to Win Popular Vote in the 2020 Election

Don’t be so sure about Joe Biden taking the popular vote. Many dislike Donald Trump, but the major cities, all Democratic strongholds, are under fire due to rioting and looting. No doubt, many who say they won’t vote for Trump probably will. Not only that, but Donald has closed the national gap in the polls. He’s still behind Biden, but he’s not dead in the water. So . . . 

US Senate Control at Start of 117th Congress

Mitch McConnell, the current U.S. Senate Leader and a Republican, could care two you know whats about the Presidency. Sure, he wants Trump to win. But he won’t lose control of the Senate to help Trump win. That’s the way it is in politics. McConnell knows that if the Republicans keep the Senate, he keeps his power. Right now, the Repubs at -115 are an overlay. 

Will Donald Trump win the Nobel Peace Prize?

This is a toss-up. Some dread the idea of handing a peace prize to Trump. Then again, who else deserves it? Donald Trump got Israel, Bahrain, and the United Arab Emirates together to sign a peace deal. He also got Kosovo and Serbia to work together. Again, it’s difficult to believe the Nobel folks would give a peace prize to Trump. But, who else has done enough in 2020 to deserve the award?

Will COVID-19 vaccine be approved before Nov. 3, 2020

“Yes” is most definitely a longshot. Then again, Trump said on Sep. 15 that a coronavirus vaccine was arriving in a “matter of weeks”. So, if The Donald is right, a big “if”, those +450 odds are a gift. 

Day (EST) the loser concedes the election

  • Nov. 3 +400
  • Nov. 4 -110
  • Nov. 5 +500
  • Nov. 6 +600
  • Nov. 7 +700
  • Nov. 8 +800
  • Nov. 9 +900
  • Nov. 10 +1200
  • Nov. 11 +1200
  • Nov. 12 +1200
  • Nov. 13 or later +500

Nov. 4 is the favorite for a reason. By the time Florida counts all their votes, it should be Nov. 4. We know this because Florida is notorious for being slow on the roll so to speak. If you believe neither Sleepy Joe nor Orange Man will concede after Nov. 5, consider wagers down the line, maybe, even as far as 10 days out to Nov. 13 or later. 

If the loser doesn’t concede on Nov. 4, no way they concede on Nov. 5. So, make your wagering decision based on how ridiculous the loser figures to become after they tally the final votes.


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