U.S. Politics - Trump Favored By The Odds

U.S. Politics – Trump Favored By The Odds

Written by on November 2, 2020

Both Joe Biden and Donald Trump made their final pitches to American citizens over the weekend. The odds continue to favor Trump, but The Donald pulled a rabbit from his hat in 2016. Will he do the same thing in 2020? Check out a final analysis of the presidential odds to win as well as some of the swing state electoral college odds. That being said, let’s get right to it so you can go ahead and place your bets against their U.S. Politics odds.

Political News: Trump a Slight Dog Heading into Tuesday

U.S. Presidential Election

  • When: November 3, 2020
  • Where: United States

2020 U.S. Presidential Election Odds

  • Donald J. Trump +130
  • Joe Biden -170
  • Kamala Harris +20000
  • Mike Pence +27500
  • Any other candidate +50000

Biden has maintained a lead throughout, but Trump appears to be ready to take charge. For an underdog, Donald sure has commanded the attention of the electorate in the past three weeks. He’s been on a whirlwind tour, doing three rallies a day. In each one of his rallies, at least 20,000 people have shown up. Not only that, but some of Trump’s surrogates have ended up at Biden rallies to give Joe something to think about.

Yes, the polls still appear to favor Biden. But it’s hard to look past what’s happening on the ground. More importantly? The U.S. Presidential Election happens once every four years. So, if we can jump on a dog at above even money, it makes sense to go for it.

U.S. Presidential Election Pick: Donald J. Trump 

Electoral College Odds


  • Democrat -140 / Republican +100

The Republican candidate, that’s The Donald, continues to offer overlay odds. At even money, Trump is a great bet to take AZ. He had 25,000 show up to a rally last week and VP Mike Pence was in Arizona on Friday to continue to spread the word. 

Electoral College Pick: Republican 


  • Republican -190 / Democrat +130

Even though Barrack Obama showed up last week to bolster Biden’s chances in Florida, the Sunshine State has begun to move towards the Repubs. It’s tough laying -190 on a state that many polls consider within 1 to 2 points in favor of Trump, but the Republican candidate did a great job shoring up his base in Florida.

Electoral College Pick: Republican 

North Carolina

  • Republican -120 / Democrat -120

Trump’s final rally on Sunday is in North Carolina. People showed up early to get a glimpse of their fuhrer, uh, we mean Donald Trump. In any case, Trump and the Repubs look to have NC as well.

Electoral College Pick: Republican 


  • Democrat -175 / Republican +135

Tough, tough call in Pennsylvania. Joe Biden, though, said he’d phase out the oil industry. That’s the death knell for him. Trump wins another swing state.

Electoral College Pick: Republican


  • Democrat -290/ Republican +195

We can’t look past the +195 on The Donald. He took Wisconsin by a whisker against Hillary Clinton in 2016. So, even if the Orange One loses, we’re okay knowing we made the right wager in a swing state that’s much closer than the -290 on Sleepy Joe implies. 

Electoral College Pick: Republican


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