Boxing Betting Update: What Jake Paul and Tyron Woodley Must Do to Win on Aug. 29

Boxing Betting Update: What Jake Paul and Tyron Woodley Must Do to Win on Aug. 29

Although many believed, and some still do, that Jake Paul won’t fight Tyron Woodley on August 29, all signs point to the bout happening. Paul versus Woodley is the first that happens on Showtime, which makes it one of the more important celebrity boxing matches in history. 

Should Paul beat Woodley, the celebrity boxing trend will continue. A loss could end the trend once and for all. In this blog, we’re going to break down what Jake must do to get by Tyron. We’re also going to lay out what Woodley must do to beat JP. Let’s get right to it so you can get ready to make your bets against their Boxing Lines for the rapidly approaching fight.

Jake Paul vs Tyron Woodley In-Depth Analysis | Celebrity Betting

Jake Paul vs Tyron Woodley Fight Info And Boxing Lines

  • When: Sunday, Aug. 29 at 8:00 pm ET
  • Where: Rocket Mortgage Fieldhouse, Cleveland, OH
  • TV / Streaming: Showtime PPV
  • Boxing Odds: Paul -155 / Woodley +130

What must Jake Paul do if he hopes to beat Tyron Woodley?

Paul should not only be in excellent shape, but he also has a boxing edge. Jake is younger than Tyron, taller, longer, and is the naturally bigger man.

Physical advantages won’t matter for Jake if he doesn’t use his height and reach in the ring. So far, Paul hasn’t fought anyone who could get to him. 

Ben Askren, Nate Robinson, and Ali Eson Gib, are all shorter, non-striking, opponents. None of those three had the physical ability to stay away from Jake’s jab and power punches. 

They made it easy for Paul to measure with his left and then land devastating rights. Woodley won’t make it so easy, which means Paul must box more in this fight. He can’t lay back, expect Tyron to make a mistake and then capitalize. 

Woodley’s too smart and moves too well for that happen. Jake must box in this one. Woodley isn’t Ben Askren. So JP can’t expect a flat-footed wrestler turned boxer to step into the ring. 

What must Tyron Woodley do if he hopes to beat Jake Paul?

It’s true that Woodley has better striking skills than anyone Jake Paul has fought. But just because Tyron is a good mixed-martial-arts striker, it doesn’t mean he’s a good boxer.

Boxing isn’t about striking. Most boxers know they’re going to get hit. The idea is not to get it hard. 

So what Woodley must do is make Paul come to him. That could be tough since Tyron, at least during his UFC career, preferred to push the pace. You can’t push the pace in boxing. The main reason is because most fights are 6 rounds or more.

If you push the pace in boxing, you could burn yourself out before the end of the fight. Boxing is a long process. MMA fights are quick.

Woodley must take his time in the first couple of rounds, play more defense than offense, and wait for Paul to become aggressive. That’s the first strategy.

The second strategy, and it’s actually a single strategy because Tyron must do both, is to cut the distance between himself and Paul. A lengthier fighter’s best punches happen when they can throw from distance.

So when a shorter boxer like Woodley wants to take away a lengthier and taller fighter’s power, the best thing to do is to put your forehead on the taller fighter’s chest. 

You don’t run from power. You negate it by making it impossible for your opponent to throw with power.

So Woodley must force JP to become the aggressor. Then when Jake does, Woodley should move forward and into Jake’s chest, thereby negating Paul’s ability to throw his hardest punches. At that point, Tyron cut down Jake by landing to Paul’s body. 

The fight is almost here. In next week’s blog, we’ll make picks based on odds and how both men have trained for the most important celebrity boxing match of all time. 


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