Will Kobe Bryant Return To Team Up With Lebron or Take Him Down?

Will Kobe Bryant Return To Team Up With Lebron or Take Him Down?

Written by on August 1, 2018

As NBA Offseason Rolls On, Rumors Abound As To Whether Kobe Bryant Will Return To Team Up With Lebron James, Or Join Another Squad To Try And Take Him Down

New York, NY-  After Shaq expressed predictions about Kobe’s return on TMZ, NBA fans were left with an extraordinary amount of speculation. The fan base in LA has turned rabid, and imaginations have begun to run wild. While it is still unclear whether Kobe’s return will be a reality, fans are already putting their money where their mouth is and placing cold hard cash on Kobe’s return.


Even after Bryant’s wife came out on Instagram denying claims of an NBA return, fans are still left speculating and building the hype of Kobe’s return.


As the NBA free agent market has all but settled itself, fans are looking for answers on all things Kobe, Lakers, and more. The largest most accurate sportsbook on the web, MyBookie.AG has once again beaten everyone to the punch and posted odds on whether a Kobe return is all hype or has the potential for an epic second act.


Oddsmakers at MyBookie.AG posted the following odds on a Kobe Bryant Return:


Will Kobe Bryant Return to the Lakers for the 18/19 season?

  • Yes 120/1
  • No 1/150
  Will Kobe Bryant win the MVP?
  • Yes 3/1
  • No 1/4
  Which team will Kobe Bryant return to?
  • Lakers              1/2
  • Wizards           2/1
  • Golden State  4/1
  • Bulls                6/1
  • Houston          6/1
  • Boston            12/1

If Kobe returns:

Kobe Bryant average PPG:
  • Over: 19.5 69/100
  • Under: 19.5 5/4
Bryant vs Lebron – most season points:
  • Kobe Bryant more PTS 2/1
  • Lebron more PTS 2/5
  Bryant vs Lebron – most season rebounds:
  • Kobe Bryant more RBS 7/5
  • Lebron James more RBS 59/100
  Bryant vs Lebron – most season assists:
  • Kobe Bryant more assists 27/20
  • Lebron James more assists 61/100
  Lebron James to surpass Kobe’s total championship rings:
  • Yes 2/1
  • No 1/2
  • Tie 1/6


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