MyBookie Announces First-Ever Online SuperContest

MyBookie Announces First-Ever Online SuperContest

MyBookie announced its first-ever NFL Handicapping SuperContest today. The online sportsbook launched the contest with $150,000 in the prize pot, including a minimum $100,000 Guaranteed first place prize. The pot, however, is expected to grow as the company declared they will put every dollar from every entry fee into the prize pool.

“We wanted to make a contest for the players,” said MyBookie sportsbook manager, Ryan Coleman. “We’re not holding back anything. Every dollar collected is going to be given out as a cash prize at the end of the football season.”

Colemand said that as the entries pile up, prizes for every quarter of the NFL Season will be added, followed by expanding the pay table to include more winners and bigger cash prizes.

Participants can win a portion of the prize pool by selecting five NFL teams, against-the-spread, every week of the regular season. A correct pick earns one point and a push earns a half-point. Collect the most points to become a winner.

Coleman said that similar pro football handicapping contests are extremely popular but make it difficult submit picks every week. He said that launching a SuperContest online was a logical choice.

“People love these contests but they’re not always accessible,” said Coleman. “We’ve made entering our SuperContest accessible with a relatively low entry fee and our website allows you to make your picks no matter where you are.”

The entry fee for the MyBookie SuperContest is $100. To enter, go to

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