Sports Explained: Glossary G

Sportsbook Glossary: Gg


Getting Down
Making a bet.

Goal refers to a method of scoring in many sports, including handball, hockey, soccer, Lacrosse). It can also refer to the physical structure or area of the playing surface where scoring occurs. In several sports, a goal is the sole method of scoring, and thus the final score is expressed in the total number of goals scored by each team. In other sports, a goal may be one of several scoring methods, and thus may be worth a different set number of points than the others.

Goaltending Basketball
A violation of interfering with the ball while it’s on its way to the basket.

Golden Boot College Football
The Golden Boot is a college football rivalry between the Arkansas Razorbacks football team of the University of Arkansas and LSU Tigers football team of Louisiana State University.

Golden Goal
Golden goal or golden point is a rule used in association football, bandy, lacrosse, field hockey, ice hockey and korfball to decide the winner of a match (typically a knock-out match) in which scores are equal at the end of normal time. It is a type of sudden death. Under this rule, the game will end when a goal or point is scored; the team that scores that goal or point during extra time will be the winner.

Grand Salami Ice Hockey
This typically refers to the over/under total for how many goals/runs will be scored across all games in a specific league. The overall total number of goals scored in all hockey games on a given day; bets can be placed to go under or over.

Grand Slam Tennis
The four major tennis tournaments Wimbledon, Australian Open, French Open, U.S. Open. Also the four major golf tournaments The Masters, U.S. Open, British Open, PGA Championship (Professional Golf Association). Also in baseball, a homerun with the bases loaded, scoring four runs.