Understanding The Paroli System

Written by on September 24, 2016

The Paroli System is a roulette system that is increasingly considered as one of the most popular and appealing systems for bettors that are looking win big without necessarily having to wager huge amounts of money. Essentially, the Paroli system is derived from the Latin name “Par” which means “one that is equal”. And being a positive progressive betting system, punters that use this system basically have to increase their stakes progressively depending on the fixed stake that is set before online betting.

A Closer Look At The Understanding Of The Paroli System


Paroli System Explained

The concept behind this system is pretty simple; “double your bet after a win, and start over with 1 unit after a loss.” This system is all about going with the flow so you don’t have to worry about complicated calculations. All you need is to have a fixed limit for the maximum stake, and then begin making your wagers in accordance with the system.

Of course, you can’t keep on doubling your bets indefinitely, as this could easily wipe out all your winnings. You therefore have to set a particular limit in the number of rounds to double up your stakes, depending on the size of your bankroll. In Roulette, where the Paroli System is often used extensively, most gamblers use three as the maximum number of doubled stakes after each win. If any bet loses, or all the three bets win, the sequence restarts. As such, a winning series of three bets in a row would result as follows:

  • 1, 2, 4, 1

Mind you, the numbers above represent betting units. So if, for example, you are betting in units of $100, your bets would be as follows:

  • $100, $200, $400, $100

Notably, the Paroli System is a very aggressive type of progression where you have to deal with the reality of all-or-nothing odds. Advisably, you should therefore set you units carefully. And while you are at it, you should remember that, with each consecutive win, your profits increase exponentially, but your chance of winning the next decrease exponentially too, so you should avoid overestimating your winning chances by placing huge stakes that condemn you into unfathomable losses.

Advantages of the Paroli System

  1. It is simple to learn and use

  2. The system is easily customizable and can be used by a wide range of punters irrespective of how big or small their bankroll is

  3. Offers a good wagering platform for progressive bettors that are looking to win in the long run

  4. The system doesn’t seek to chase losses, it only increases bets after a win, hence protecting you from losses that are common in opposite progression systems such as the Martingale System

Disadvantages of the Paroli System

  1. Losses are typically common in betting, so establishing a long winning pattern of consecutive victories is never easy

  2. One unfavorable sequence, especially after a period of a decent number of wins can wipe out your profits

  3. It’s hard for the system to work efficiently for one-off bettors

In conclusion, it is worth noting that, like most gambling systems, the Paroli System is far from perfect, but if used correctly, you can turn in a decent amount of profits, largely because it is a proven betting system with plenty of upsides than downsides.