Bare Knuckle Fighting Championship 6 Malignaggi vs Lobov Odds, Preview, and Picks

Bare Knuckle Fighting Championship 6 Malignaggi vs Lobov Odds, Preview, and Picks

Six of the toughest men on the planet shed the gloves for the 2019 Bare Knuckle Fighting Championship on Saturday, June 22. A couple of the fights include a well known boxer and mixed martial artist. Most fighting fans have heard of Paul Malignaggi and Chris Leben. Those two former boxers headline a card that also includes Johnny Bedford. Check out 2019 Bare Knuckle Fighting Championship odds, analysis, and free picks!

Bare Knuckle Fighting Championship 6 Malignaggi vs Lobov Odds, Preview, and Picks

Event Info

  • When: Saturday, June 22nd, 2019. 9pm ET.
  • Where: Florida State Fairgrounds, Tampa, FL
  • TV: PPV
  • Live Stream:

Paul Malignaggi vs Artem Lobov

Bare knuckle rules require that punching are the only strikes allowed. Because of that, former boxers like Malignaggi have an edge. Malignaggi has an excellent jab. He could use that jab to keep Artem Lobov away from him.

Although that’s true, you can punch in the clinch in bare knuckle fighting. That means if Lobov can get close to Malignaggi, he can grab hold and then punch Malignaggi. The rules allow for that type of aggressiveness.

Lobov has a shot to upset Malignaggi. Usually, going with the dog makes sense. That’s not the case here, unfortunately. Although Lobov can use his aggressiveness to get to Malignaggi, Paul’s boxing skills are too great. Not only that, but Jason Knight beat up Lobov in his last fight. Malignaggi takes it.

Bare Knuckle Betting Pick: Paul Malignaggi

Reggie Barnett vs Johnny Bedford

Reggie Barnett is a tough fighter. He can hang with Bedford in this. The problem Bedford might have is that he won’t be able to use his kicking striking ability. Just to reiterate, you can only strike with your hands in bare knuckle fighting.

That means Bedford must use his hands versus a fighter with more boxing skills. Barnett is the more traditional boxer. In bare knuckle, he can use his hands to tie up Bedford. Re-establish position, and then get back to boxing. Barnett’s the play to upset Bedford on June 22.

Bare Knuckle Betting Pick: Reggie Barnett

Chris Leven vs Brennan Ward

Chris Leben is an aggressive former mixed martial artist who will try to jump on Brennan Ward from the opening bell. Leben might be too aggressive for Ward in this match. However, Ward is a speedy guy. He could use his speed to keep Leben off balance.

Although this is a bare knuckle fight, you can’t hit what you can’t catch. If Ward uses his speed, he will keep Leben running around the ring, trying desperately to get to Ward. If Leben does get to him, Ward can use his immense wrestling skills to deaden Leben’s ability to hit in the clinch.

This should be an entertaining bout. At the end, it makes sense to go with Brennan Ward.

Bare Knuckle Betting Pick: Brennan Ward