Canelo Alvarez Vs Caleb Plant Boxing

Canelo Alvarez Vs Caleb Plant Boxing Lines Update: Money Landing on Alvarez Like Raindrops on the Ground

In about a week and a half, most expect Canelo Alvarez, the ranking pound-for-pound best boxer on the planet, to dominate massive underdog Caleb Plant. Ever since oddsmakers set betting lines on both participants, almost no money has gone to Caleb. All the betting dollars have gone to Canelo. But although most boxing handicappers believe Canelo easily wins the fight, there are some who think Caleb Plant has a much better chance than the odds indicate. In this week’s Caleb versus Canelo blog, check out who those people are as well as an Boxing Odds update.

Updated Canelo Alvarez Vs Caleb Betting Analysis and Odds

Canelo Alvarez vs Caleb Plant Boxing Lines and Fight Info

Canelo is a major -1000 favorite while under offers fairest odds

Since lines were set, boxing bettors have pounded Canelo. Alvarez went from a -650 or so favorite to a -860 chalk

Heading into fight week, Canelo is a -1000 choice. Will the odds cratering continue? Most likely, yes.

Although some very smart boxing people believe Plant has a shot, no one has said outright that Caleb beats Canelo. Alvarez is one of the greatest boxers of all time. Like most great boxers, he picks and chooses his opponent.

So why wouldn’t Canelo choose a guy he can beat? That’s the way boxing handicappers are thinking. If there was any chance Caleb Plant could beat Canelo Alvarez, the pound-for-pound king wouldn’t have agreed to the fight.

The odds trend will continue to the point Alvarez could end up a -1500 choice. So if you don’t mind betting on the favorite at -1000, do so soon.

Crawford says Plant must use Triple G tactics to beat Alvarez

Not everyone believes Caleb Plant has no chance. Terence Crawford, whom some feel is the true pound-for-pound greatest boxer on the planet, thinks Plant can beat Alvarez.

But to beat Canelo, Caleb can’t fight his normal style. Per Crawford if Caleb stands in front of Alvarez, Canelo will punish him.

Crawford believes Plant must do what Gennady Golovkin did in the first fight with Canelo, a fight ruled a draw that many thought Triple G won.

Although it looked like Golovkin was standing in front of Alvarez, he wasn’t. Gennady stood at an angle. Not only that, but he threw jabs off his base.

Plant has no chance if he throws jabs without moving off his base because Alvarez will counter. If Plant does what Triple G did in Gennady’s first fight against Canelo, throw jabs off his base, stand at an angle from Alvarez, and counter Alvarez’s punches, Caleb will at least have a chance.

Ward picks Plant over Alvarez

Andre Ward, who has been working with Caleb Plant, came right out and said Caleb will beat Alvarez. Ward believes that if Caleb is aggressive, he can hurt Canelo early.

If he hurts Canelo early, Plant can counter Canelo’s aggressiveness. The gambit could work, but there’s a serious problem that none of Andrew Ward’s training or advice can help.

Caleb Plant, although an accomplished boxer, has fought for seven years. Canelo Alvarez has fought for over sixteen.

Also, Plant likes to shoot his left from his hip. Against most opponents, Caleb is fast enough with his left for it to be a surprise. But the low left might not work versus Alvarez.

Canelo has a devastating over hand right. So as soon as Plant starts to raise his left, Canelo will immediately duck and throw the right over Plant’s left.

Andre Ward believes Plant will win this fight. But unless the former champion has taught Caleb how to throw a jab to get inside and throw body punches, the boxing handicappers might be the ones with a clearer idea of what will happen on November 6.


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