How Much You Can Win Betting on McGregor vs Mayweather Boxing Props

How Much You Can Win Betting on McGregor vs Mayweather Boxing Props

Written by on July 27, 2017

While no-one really knows what is going to happen in the Floyd Mayweather and Conor McGregor fight until they go toe to toe in Vegas on August 26th, we do know that an awful lot of money is going to be wagered on the bout for boxing props. This is a fight that has drawn the interest of people who don’t usually follow boxing or MMA, simply because it pulls together two great fighters from two different sports.As you would expect with a fight of this magnitude, there are countless different boxing betting props to choose from. Since this match is going to draw a lot of people who don’t usually wager, we thought it might be a good idea to break down how much you could win when playing the props. The amount quoted here are all based on $100 bets.

How Much You Can Win Betting on McGregor vs Mayweather Boxing Props


Fight Outcome Boxing Props

The longest odds for this fight are for the draw, which comes in at +3300. This is a huge longshot, but if you think these two might end up evenly matched, you could end up with an extra $3,300 in your pocket. Taking Floyd Mayweather to win by KO, TKO, or DQ is the safest bet at -200, which would get you a $50 return. Go with McGregor to win by either of those decisions and your return potentially climbs to $1,800.

Round Betting Boxing Props

One of the more challenging props available is betting on when the fight will finish. There aren’t many people who think this thing will go the distance, which is why a bet on McGregor to win it in the final round would pay $6,500, while Mayweather in the 12th round potentially pays $1,800. Thus, the shortest odds seem to favor Mayweather in the middle rounds, with those paying around, $1,000 for your $100 bet.

Exact Method of Victory Boxing Props

Most of you who are interested in this fight probably already have a definite opinion on who will win, but do you think you know how they will win. In addition, while fans of Floyd Mayweather seem to think he will knock out McGregor quite quickly, the bookies seem to believe that he will win by unanimous decision, with your return on that bet being $140. If you like Mayweather by KO, then you could potentially pocket $200.Furthermore, those in the Conor McGregor corner seem to think that he could well land a power punch that hurts the champ and leads to a KO. You can get solid odds for that bet, with the potential of getting back $800 on your $100 bet. As mentioned earlier, a unanimous decision for McGregor is the longest odds on the board at +6500.If you are looking for some boxing props bets for the big fight that are limited to just a couple of choices then you are in luck.

Quick Prop Bets

If you are looking for some prop bets for the big fight that are limited to just a couple of choices then you are in luck. Nonetheless, there are no huge odds available here, but it’s a good opportunity to get a lot of prop bets going for the fight.Perhaps the easiest prop on the betting board is wagering on whether the fight will go the distance. Moreover, if you believe it will, you stand to earn $175, while going with no will get you $40 for your $100 wager.

Reasons Why Conor McGregor Has No Chance To Beat Floyd Mayweather

There are also several OVER/UNDER wagers available on the number of rounds that the fight will last. The pricing here is all over the place, but let’s look at an example. I like Floyd Mayweather to win this one in 4 rounds. So, if I take the OVER 3.5, I would only walk away with $11.11. If, on the other hand, I go with the UNDER 4.5, I would pocket a cool $325. Hence, if you have a real sense of the round that this fight might finish in, you need to place that bet strategically.We have really just scratched the surface of the prop bets available for the big fight, but I hope we have given you some insight into just how much money you can pocket by sticking with the props.