Jake Paul Vs Ben Askren: 5 Things Jake Must Do to Win

Jake Paul Vs Ben Askren: 5 Things Jake Must Do to Win

Written by on April 2, 2021

Dana White said he was going to put $1 million on Ben Askren to beat Jake Paul. Maybe, Dana did. The odds on Jake Paul dived from -200 to -120 in little less than a week. Ben Askren, who was a +150 underdog, is now at +100. 

We’ve got three blogs before the big fight on April 17. In this blog, we’re going to discuss the 5 keys for Jake Paul to beat Ben Askren. In next week’s blog we’ll talk about what Askren must do to beat JP and then in our final blog we’ll make picks so you can place your bets against their Boxing odds.

5 Keys to a Jake Paul Victory Over Ben Askren On April 17

Jake Paul Vs Ben Askren Fight Info

5 Keys for a Jake Paul Victory

  • Throw jabs with length

JP is taller and has a longer reach. He must use that reach by throwing lengthy jabs. As soon as the fight starts, Paul should measure the distance between Askren and himself. 

Because he’s taller, Jake should be able to throw and land his jab without Askren coming close to him. JP didn’t do that versus Nate Robinson. Instead, he allowed Robinson to get right into his chest. If he doesn’t use his jab versus an experienced fighter, he’ll have a problem.

  • Don’t back straight up

Paul also seemed to back straight up against Robinson. Nate doesn’t do combat sports and, therefore, couldn’t take advantage when Jake moved straight back.

When boxers move backward, they must do so at an angle. Not moving at an angle, back and to the side, could lead to disaster. Straight punches can land with force.

One of Manny Pacquiao’s most legendary punches is a straight left. If Paul backs up in a straight line, Askren could land a thundering straight right or left that puts JP on his back. 

  • Push off and punch

One big disappointment boxing enthusiasts had with Jake’s performance versus Nate Robinson was how he allowed Robinson to go right into his chest. Jake allowed the referee to break up the clinches.

Instead of waiting for the ref, Jake should have pushed Nate off his chest and then land a combination. Paul’s best punches come with distance. He can’t land his power punches unless there’s space between himself and Askren. 

Waiting for the referee to break up a clinch will give Askren time to set his feet. Pushing Ben off and then throwing punches, could help JP win the match.

  • Don’t allow Ben to get inside position

Askren is a wrestler and mixed-martial artist. Every wrestler and mixed-martial artists knows that the key to winning a bout is to get inside position.

What’s inside position? Inside position is placing ones arms and hands inside your opponent’s arms and hands. If Paul allows Askren to get inside position, Askren’s punches will be much stronger than JP’s. It will also be easier for Ben to move Jake around the ring. 

  • Be patient

So far, Jake Paul has fought a couple of amateurs who fought like amateurs. They rushed Jake. They didn’t take their time. They weren’t patient at all. Askren won’t fight like that.

Paul can’t get overly excited once the bell rings. He must understand that, often, a boxing match is a long, drawn out event. Each fighter gauges the other in the first couple of rounds before deciding on the correct strategy for victory.

If JP goes after Askren out of the gate, he could get caught. He must match Askren’s patience with his own. Jake is the bigger, taller, man. He can take his time and he should.

There you have it. The 5 keys for a Jake Paul victory. If JP follows these five keys, he should be in a good position to beat Ben Askren on April 17.


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